As blood flows through and invigorates the body, so faith flows through and invigorates the soul. Ever remember this: Thy blood and thy faith are one in the same. Spill not thy blood nor that of another heedlessly, but do not hesitate to spill either when the cause is just.
From the Crimson Canon, a holy text of the Claret Orders[2]

Claret Orders is an underground organization of blood hunters and blood clerics, whose primary mission is to protect the living from the undead.

History[edit | edit source]

During the Marrow War, the high cleric of the Julous Dominion secretly made a pact with a devil of the Nine Hells to gain the power to repel the Dwendalian Empire. However, the bargain came at the cost of the Marrow Valley becoming overrun with devils and undead.[3]

Seeking to protect his people, a priest named Trence Orman prayed to The Raven Queen for help, who granted him the secrets hemocraft magic. Using this power, Trence and his followers formed the Claret Orders and banished the devils and undead from the realm. Unfortunately, with the Marrow Valley now clear, the Dwendalian Empire was then able to advance and conquer the Julous Dominion.[3]

The newly instated Dwendalian lords blamed the Claret Orders for inviting the fiends into the Marrow Valley. Once they were no longer welcome, the Orders went into hiding, though they never stopped protecting the lands from monstrous threats from the shadows.[3]

The Claret Orders have since spread beyond Western Wynandir, some taking up residence in the land of Tal'Dorei, across the Lucidian Ocean.[2]

Notable Members[edit | edit source]

  • Director Teresa Dulamar: Teresa is the head of the order in Tal'Dorei; she operates out of Kymal.[2]
  • Hunter Jorick LaMensh: Jorick is a member of the Order of the Profane Soul and Teresa's executive officer.[2]
  • Claret Director Jette Brashan: Jette is a male half-orc priest of the Raven Queen located in Wildemount.[4]
  • Elias de Corvo: Elias is one of the most famous blood hunters in the Claret Orders, out of Wildemount.[4]
  • Lilyana Cayd: Lilyana is a female werewolf/half-elf in Wildemount and an efficient blood hunter.[4]

References[edit | edit source]

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