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Clarabelle Clay is a firbolg living at the Blooming Grove and the sister of Caduceus Clay. Like most others in the Clay family, she left her home to find a way to protect it from the advancing corruption of the surrounding Savalirwood. She traveled alongside her brother Colton, and the pair were petrified at the Whitedawn Lagoon, where they remained until restored in 836 PD by Caduceus. She returned to the Grove with the rest of her family.

As an NPC, she is played by Matthew Mercer.


Clarabelle Clay - Gianna Marie

Fan art of Clarabelle Clay, by Gianna Marie.[art 2]

In 836 PD, she was in her mid-teens, bright-eyed with long stringy hair past her shoulders stained in a variety of different colors. She was described as the "unkempt wild kid of the family".[1][2] Caduceus affectionately described her as weird.[3]



Clarabelle lived in the Blooming Grove in the Savalirwood of the Greying Wildlands with the rest of the Clay family. She, like all in the family, is a worshiper of Melora and spends her time administering burial by interment.[4] She left the Grove in 828 or 829 PD with her brother Colton to visit the temples at Kravaraad and the Whitedawn Lagoon in search of a way to stop the corruption of the Savalirwood from progressing into the Grove. She was petrified by a gorgon at the White Dawn Lagoon, where she remained for seven or eight years.[1]

"Family Shatters" (2x96)[]

In 836 PD, she was discovered petrified by her brother Caduceus and the Mighty Nein. She and Colton were found together, with Colton trying to protect Clarabelle. Caduceus restored them both, pointedly restoring Clarabelle before Colton.[5][1] When their mother Constance prompted the siblings to thank Caduceus, Clarabelle was the only one to not do so begrudgingly.[6] After a night at the temple, she and her family were taken to Uthodurn to begin their journey home to the Grove. As Caduceus bid his family goodbye, she gave him a jar of insects she collected, which he promptly re-homed into his staff, and he gave her a straw sunhat.[7]

"The Calm Before the Storm" (2x130) and "Into the Eye" (2x131)[]

Clarabelle was home when the Mighty Nein stayed at the grove for a night. Her sister Calliope instructed her to fetch blankets and pillows to make them comfortable.[8] She was present to bid the Nein goodbye when they leave for Aeor. Caduceus promised his family to show them the Nein's home. When Clarabelle asked if it was the house with the tree on its roof, Caduceus told her that he was referring to a different home. She looks toward their parents in excitement, but her father Cornelius told her to wait until she was older.[9]

"Fond Farewells" (2x141)[]

Clarabelle was weeding the garden when the Nein return to the Grove, and she was the first to greet Caduceus and the others upon arrival.[10] She was later said to be following Tealeaf as he wandered around the garden, standing fifteen to twenty feet back and poorly hiding whenever he turned.[11] In the morning, when Yasha Nydoorin expressed dismay that the meal did not have bugs despite it not being meat, Clarabelle happily went into the garden to collect insects for her to eat.[12]

"The Mighty Nein Reunion: Echoes of the Solstice" (Sx79)[]

Years later, at the beginning of the apogee solstice of 843 PD, Clarabelle still lived with her family in the now restored Blooming Grove. She had an even weirder behavior, and apparently had made new friends. When Caduceus was told that he and the Mighty Nein had to go on a mission, Clarabelle helped him prepare, although she was ominously excited about the possibility of her brother failing so she could go help after him, which concerned the cleric.


Caduceus Clay[]

Clarabelle and her brother Caduceus have a close relationship. She is happy to thank him, the only of the siblings to do so happily,[6] and she quickly lined up to hug him when she saw he was hugging others.[7] He affectionately named his moorbounder after her.[3]

Appearances and mentions[]


  • She is initially stated by Matt to be Caduceus' older sister, while correcting himself after saying that she is younger.[13] However, Matt appears to sometimes confuse Clarabelle and Calliope: in that same scene, he stated the character to be Clarabelle but roleplayed and voiced her as Calliope.[13]


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