Clarabelle is Caduceus' moorbounder. As an NPC, Clarabelle is played by Matthew Mercer.

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Moorbounder by Anna Molla

Fan art of Moorbounder, by Anna Molla.[art 1]

The youngest and smallest of the three moorbounders given to The Mighty Nein.

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Due to it being the youngest it acts the most like a kitten, shown when Caduceus tried to get it to sit and instead gave him a big lick up the side of the face.

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Clarabelle was raised by Zorth, a goblin who trains moorbounders for a living in the city of Asarius (City of Beasts) in Wynandir. He was bonded to and trained by Caduceus.[1]

"Wood and Steel" (2x58) Edit

Moorbounders are voracious eaters and are not cheap to maintain as they require food every day, unlike many predators. However, they are also rather independent and do not need to be restrained when travelling with the group as they hunt for themselves at night, returning to the camp to rest once fed. They also provide extra security, as demonstrated when the Mighty Nein awoke one morning to find their mounts feeding on a large wolf that had ventured too close to the camp.[2]

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  • Caduceus: Owner/rider.
  • Jannik: Caleb's mount and part of the hunting pack.
  • Yarnball: Jester's mount and part of the hunting pack.

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  • Caduceus named Clarabelle after his sister.[3]

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