The City of Brass is a large settlement within the Elemental Plane of Fire. It is populated primarily by those who are native to the Plane, such as efreet, although humanoids from the Material Plane are not uncommon. However, the city has a very prominent slave trade and those humanoids often end up becoming enslaved.[1] The absolute ruler of the City of Brass is the Grand Sultan of the Efreet, the Lord of Flame, the Potentate Incandescent, the Tempering and Eternal Flame of Truth, the Most Puissant of Hunters, Marshal of the Order of the Fiery Heart, the Smoldering Dictator, the Crimson Firebrand, Marrake al-Sidan al-Hariq ben Lazen[2]. He resides in the Charcoal Palace.[3]

The guards of the City of Brass are a group of efreet known as the Illuminated. They enforce a strict curfew, and anyone found breaking it is put in chains.[4] There are approximately fifty thousand Illuminated within the city.[5]

Within the city is a building known as the Embassy where ambassadors from the Nine Hells are located.[6] Ghurrix was one such ambassador.

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