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The City of Brass is a large settlement within the Elemental Plane of Fire. It is populated primarily by those who are native to the Plane, such as efreet. And humanoids from the Material Plane are not an uncommon occurrence, but they often end up enslaved,[1] facilitating prominent slave trade in the city.[2]


A large, dark metal wall surrounds the exterior of dozens upon dozens of reflective metallic towers and domes of the vast City of Brass.[3] Bordering the Sea of fire on the northern or eastern side,[4][5] it bisected by lava rivers[6] of the aqueducts that power local forges.[7]

As the light gets dimmer and dimmer into a red twilight, the city shuts down into a curfew. Everybody goes home, locks up, and nothing but the Illuminated with the little flaming brooches or amulets in the uniform outfit wander the streets.[8]

Points of interest[]

  • The Fenstral Spire, a craft fair that happens once every two weeks.[9]


Pyraculum district boasts with the street of artisans and the city market.[10]

  • Flame Garden, a jewelry store owned by Senokir and Uten. It's possible located next to the Fountain of Clearest Azure mounted near the border of the Foundry.[11]

The Foundry[]

The Arches[]

Bordering the Sea of fire, the slave market of the city marks its place in the city, where every potential customers can pick up something to their liking.[15] The celestials apparently are very sought-after by the Nine Hells buyers.[16] Some of the other slaves are humanoid or kobold.[17]

The Furnace[]



Abundant variety of races dwell in the City of Brass. Most of them are born prepared for the adversities of the fire plane with substantial demographic of slaves subjugated by efreet or fire giants, incoming from anywhere in the universe:

The city has also established strong ties with the Nine Hells, having the devil embassy[21] and slave purchasers:[22]

  • Pit fiends[23][24]
  • Imps[25]
  • A Large, gray-fleshed bipedal creature that stalk by with large hooked tail and entirely covered in barbs (possibly Hamatula).[26]


The absolute monarch of the City of Brass is the Grand Sultan of the Efreet, Marrake al-Sidan al-Hariq ben Lazen,[27] residing in the Charcoal Palace. The sultan is known to be paranoid, and Senokir described the political movements against his rule as the "most grievous of things".[28]

A group of efreet known as the Illuminated, approximately fifty thousand in size,[29] is guarding the city. They enforce a strict curfew, and anyone found breaking it is put in chains.[30]


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