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You people are the best bastards in Tal'Dorei. I would rather be with the lot of you than with the finest people in the world!
Cinna about Byroden.[3]

Cinna Brightbow is a dwarven jeweler from Byroden. She is narratively treated as an NPC, but she was played by Liam O'Brien, a non-DM player.



Cinna is a dwarven woman. She has blonde hair which she wears "with a bit of a little bump in the front and all tied back perfectly", and has "the barest bit of sheen of sideburn" down to her jaw.[1] She usually wears "a lot of rhinestones and glass jewelry" as well as one genuinely pricy piece.[4]


Cinna is very confident and self-assured.



Cinna runs a jewelry shop in Byroden. Her family has lived in Byroden for about a hundred years.[1] She won the Byroden Forever pageant about fifteen years prior to the 22nd Annual, which took place in 842 PD;[1] for the talent portion she sculpted an ice statue of Vax'ildan and Vex'ahlia.[5] She is a very accomplished axe thrower. According to her, she cannot dance or sing well.[6]

"By the Road" (E1x04)[]

Gem of Byroden - Jacob Ortega

Fan art of Cinna Brightbow, the Gem of Byroden, by Jacob Ortega.[art 2]

Cinna entered as a contestant in the 22nd Annual Byroden Forever pageant, competing against Opal, Lisle, Dorian, Dariax, Fearne, and possibly others. She had already won the contest about fifteen years before, and had decided to "give it another go" after "taking some time off".[4]

For the interview portion of the pageant, Ruby Lee Beckfort asked her, "If you were a gem, what would you be and why?" Cinna answered, "Green for Byroden, because we sit like the gem of the swamp, don't we? We're a pioneer town, doin' right, growin', making strides, joining the modern world in our own small way. But we never forget where we come from, do we?"[7]

For the talent portion of the pageant, Cinna tied Orym (pulled onstage from the audience) to a post before an ice block and threw three hand axes at the ice near him, all of which landed true. For this stunt she wore "full green leathers", a green leather mask, and a green cape, "dressed like a dwarven emerald Evel Knievel."[5][8] After her performance, she stage-dove into the audience and crowd-surfed.[9]

For the evening wear portion of the pageant, Cinna swung back and forth onto stage on ropes, spinning in midair before landing. She wore a "glittery green" bustier, green-and-black-striped sleeves, a tutu, yellow tights, and "the equivalent of fantasy combat boots" (which Liam described as "a Betsey Johnson getup"). Green strands had been added to her hair and her sideburns were "coifed back".[10] After showing off her outfit, she cartwheeled off the stage.[11]

During the pageant, she flirted with Dariax, and when it was over she kissed him exuberantly.[12][13] In the end, she received "first runner up" (third place) in the pageant, expressing that she did not care that she did not win.[13]


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