Furthermore, don't you believe that nonsense about rare metals, already refined, found in the remains of a cinderslag. That's so much old smelters' tales! You go seeking a cinderslag, and ye’ll get yourself murdered and set on fire, and if ye're very lucky, t'will happen in that order!

Cinderslag elementals or cinderslags are elemental creatures that spawn from various locations across Tal'Dorei scorched and corrupted by the ancient red dragon Thordak.[1]

Description Edit

Cinderslags are the elemental spawn of the hatred and fury of Thordak. They burn everything flammable they come into contact with, and possess a natural resistance to standard, non-magical kinetic damage and immunity to fire and poison damage, although they are susceptible to water. Cinderslags also possess a Darkvision and a burrowing speed.[1]

Their best weapon is their molten, of which a single glance is capable of melting steel, stone, and even buildings and entire cities if one or more cinderslags worked together. However, because cinderslags are little more than mindless creatures of destruction, they are incapable of such unification by themselves.[1]

Rumors of refined rare metals found in the remains of cinderslag elementals circulated in taverns in Tal'Dorei, which were dismissed by Master Smith Drunneq Bronzegrip, who claimed that anyone who sought out a cinderslag would be set ablaze and die.[1]

Spawning pits Edit

Cinderslag elementals spawn from locations in Exandria that were devastated by Thordak during his reign, where these locations are transformed into pits of slag and ash that serve as spawning points for cinderslags. Several spawing pits exist in Tal'Dorei. The most notable is Thordak's Crater in the Cloudtop District of Emon.[1] These cinderslags rise to life to attack anyone who enters the crater, but are unable to exit the crater without collapsing into slurry.[2]

Another spawning pit is located in the Cliffkeep Mountains, where cinderslags roam the ruins of the village of Serpent's Head.[3] A third spawning pit is located in the Scar of the Cinder King near Emon, and a fourth is located in the Ashen Gorge in the Stormcrest Mountains.[1]

Behind the scenes Edit

Cinderslag elementals are a homebrew creature introduced in the sourcebook Critical Role: Tal'Dorei Campaign Setting in "Chapter 4: Allies and Adversaries". They have a Challenge Rating of 5.[1]

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