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Cinderrest Sanctum is a shrine on Kravaraad dedicated to Melora and Moradin, watched over and kept by the Dust family.


The Cinderrest Sanctum is made of black onyx and within it is a pool of lava, which are used as part of the ritual burials performed by the family,[2] as well as to fuel the Underforge. The sanctum is located on the eastern slopes of the mountain.[3] The entrance is a large, semi-circular arch which leads into a tunnel that curves rightward. The lava pool itself is surrounded by a short metal fence within a domed central chamber that has a carved chimney. Next to the pool is the platform, on which sits the magical[4] anvil and smithing tools for those who are using the temple for crafting and forging.[5] Various tunnels extend out from this chamber into smaller caverns used as living space by the Dust family.[6] The Underforge is said to be a "sister creation" of the Core Anvil,[7] and many have made pilgrimages to it to forge great artifacts.[8] There are carvings in the anvil of the symbol of The Wildmother,[9] as well as images of her gifts to Moradin.[3]



The Cinderrest Sanctum was founded by the Dust family around the time of the Divergence, when three champions of The Raven Queen were sent by her to The Wildmother to determine how to bury the body of a hero. The champion who would be the progenitor of the Dust family was tasked to find a black stone cave in the northern mountains, to burn the remains of the hero in the liquid rock they found there, and to mix the ashes into the construction of a kiln as a gift for Moradin.[10]

"Causatum" (2x70)[]

Caduceus Clay suggests, after the party's loss of Yasha in Bazzoxan, that their next step be to go to the Kiln, as he had been receiving visions of it, and the recently-recovered fragments of the Star Razor would need to be reforged.[11]

"Clay and Dust" (2x72)[]

After being teleported by Essek Thelyss to the base of Kravaraad, the Mighty Nein hike up the mountain and reach the sanctum, meeting with the Dust family. Caduceus learns his family had passed through,[12] follows the instructions of his visions and drops some residuum into the lava pool, then communes with Melora to determine his next steps.[13]

Fjord, following a dream from Uk'otoa and the subsequent loss of his warlock powers, throws the Sword of Fathoms into the pool of lava to break his pact after attempting to intimidate Uk'otoa into returning his abilities.[14]

"Refjorged" (2x76)[]

The Mighty Nein,Reani, Umagorn Smeltborne, and Deilin return to the Cinderrest Sanctum from Uthodurn.[15] Caduceus communes again with the Wildmother and places the shards of residuum into the lava again as his visions instructed. The greenish crystals turn purple, with protruding root-like small branches.[16]

Fjord goes to meditate just outside of the caverns, where Melora speaks to him[17] and grants him a boon of strength, marking the first step in his journey as a paladin.[18]

Umagorn reforges Dwueth'var, the Star Razor, at the anvil overnight[19] and Caduceus gives the blade to Fjord.[20]


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