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Chloroxodon is a young green dragon from the Ashen Gorge, in Tal'Dorei.


Less than a century ago, Chloroxodon hatched from one of Tatterwing's eggs. At some point between 812 PD and 836 PD the young dragon, along with two of their siblings, Toxoshuul and Snagglefang, moved to the Ashen Gorge, where several factions fight over the territory and treasure that once belonged to Thordak, a powerful red dragon who dubbed himself "the Cinder King". Chloroxodon longs to plunder Thordak's lost vaults for their own hoard, and so do their siblings, but in the meantime the three of them act as mercenaries for other factions in the Ashen Gorge (but only in exchange of some sort of tribute).[1]

If by any chance Chloroxodon or any of their siblings are on opposite sides of a skirmish, they honor the blood they share and never fight each other, choosing to annihilate the humanoids beneath them instead.[3]


Assuming Chloroxodon is typical of green dragons, they are immune to poison damage and the poisoned condition, and they can breathe air and water. They have a breath weapon that cause poison damage in a conic area.[2]


  • The prefix "Chloro-" at the beginning of their name means "light green" or "greenish yellow" in Greek, while the suffix "-odon" means "tooth".
    • They share the teeth reference in their name with Snagglefang.
  • While Chloroxodon and their two siblings are about the same age (at least according to draconic parameters), it is unknown if they were born from the same clutch of eggs.


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