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Recognize the alpha.
Chetney's advice[6][7]

Chetney Pock O'Pea (pronounced /ˈtʃɛtni ˈpɒkəˌpiː/) is a gnomish blood hunter and member of Bells Hells. He is played by Travis Willingham.



Official art of Chetney Pock O'Pea, by Hannah Friederichs.[art 2]

Official art of Chetney's hybrid form, by Hannah Friederichs from "Chasing Nightmares" (3x11).[art 3]

Chetney is an elderly gnome who appears to be "a hundred-and-something" years old. He stands about 3 foot 4 inches and has well-muscled arms. On his right arm is a tattoo of a crown and the letters "RTA", which stand for "Recognize The Alpha".[8] Tufts of silvery-grey hair sprout from and over his ears from under a knitted cap with ear straps pulled down tight on his head. He wears a leather chest harness, pointy-toed boots, and woodworking tools around his waist.[9]

In his werewolf form, Chetney becomes taller, and his silvery-grey hair grows from his entire body. The transformation takes place quickly and results in his bones breaking and realigning and claws ripping through his existing fingernails.[10] His voice is much deeper and gruffer as a werewolf.


Chetney loves woodworking, especially furniture making and toymaking. He works almost exclusively in wood and scorns the use of metal in craftsmanship; it may have been over this or a similar issue that he left his job in Uthodurn working for Oltgar. His skills as a woodcarver lend him skill in breaking and entering.[11]

Chetney has shown himself willing to volunteer for risky situations within his skillset[12][13] but hesitant to rush into danger that seems beyond his capability.[14] He is quick to retort, stubborn-willed, and foul-mouthed but perceptive and capable under pressure. He has a selfish streak, demonstrated when he kept the money he found in Vali Dertrana's office and only admitted it to Imogen,[15] but also scrupulously honors explicit contracts he enters into, such as when the rest of Bells Hells agreed to accept wooden toys as payment for their aid in locating Gurge Kisgregg.



Chetney told Fearne Calloway that he left home early because he knew he "wanted to go into the trade." He returned after a long time and his parents and siblings were gone, scattered to different places. Chetney is fine with this, because they didn't really have "a tight familial thing". He found his passion and followed it.[16]

Chetney became a wood craftsman in Uthodurn, regarding himself as a master craftsman. He formerly made furniture but has since mostly found success as a toymaker, becoming particularly good at rocking horses.[17] He worked for Oltgar, who mentored him in toymaking,[18] in a shop in the city's Deliberation Disk.[19] Chetney and Oltgar had a dispute in 843 PD over a "change in direction", allegedly about no longer working with wood, that drove Chetney to believe that Oltgar "betrayed the very craft".[20][18] It escalated until Chetney "messed up my employer something fierce" and was chased out of Uthodurn into the surrounding forest by the Glassblades.[21]

A couple months before "Heart-to-Heartmoor" (3x17),[22] while trying to trap food in the forest, he was bitten by a human werewolf, whom he killed, and contracted lycanthropy. Some time after, he was found by members of the Claret Orders. Though they initially tried to kill him, they did not because he could exercise some control over his lycanthropy.[23] He traveled into the Savalirwood, and someone there directed him to find aid for his lycanthropy with Gurge Kisgregg in Jrusar, Marquet. Chetney claimed he was directed by a craftman's guild; however, Chetney was lying about seeking Gurge out for professional woodworking reasons, so this is very possibly not the case.[24][25] Chetney successfully found Gurge, who shortly grew tired of him and hoped to direct Chetney to the Gorgynei instead. Gurge entered Jrusar to look for Ajit Dayal, who knew of the Gorgynei's location, but was kidnapped upon entering Jrusar, leaving Chetney without allies.[26]

Campaign Three: Bells Hells

Chetney witnessed the yet-to-be-named Bells Hells fighting with a spitting mimic outside the Dreamscape Theater.[27] When the party approached him, he asked them for help in finding Gurge Kisgregg, saying he was someone who might be able to help him secure employment as a master craftsman.[28] The group agreed, and as payment Chetney agreed to give each of them a hand-carved wooden toy.[29] When the group went to Gurge's hovel, Chetney quickly picked the lock, and inside they found signs of a struggle including claw marks in the furniture.[30]

Fan art of Chetney escaping the office of Vali Dertrana, by Shrugs.[art 4]

Later, while the group was investigating the connection of Vali Dertrana to these events, Chetney invisibly snuck into his office alone. There, among other things, he found over 100 platinum, which he kept and concealed from the rest of the party. He found a secret door and overheard part of a conversation between Master Vali and "Ira". When Vali returned to his office and realized someone had been inside it, he began slashing with a saber while searching the room. When he approached the hidden Chetney, Chetney bolted, going straight through the closed stained glass window and landing safely in the courtyard below where the party was nervously waiting.[31]

During the fight with Ira Wendagoth in "Chasing Nightmares" (3x11), Chetney transformed into a werewolf for the first time. He later revealed his true reason for wanting to find Gurge: they were both cursed with lycanthropy and Gurge might have knowledge of how to control their powers.[32] Later, under heavy pressure from Imogen, he admitted taking 80 platinum from Vali's office, but did not reveal this information to the rest of the party.[33]

During the Ball at which the party was attempting to substitute a tracking ring for the one that Armand Treshi customarily wore, Chetney met Gryz Alakritos who was present as a guest of his friend Ajit Dayal. He promised to introduce Eshteross and Chetney to Ajit later.[34] Chetney became suspicious of Emoth Kade and followed her as she commanded shade creepers to remove items from Gryz's designated room in the mansion.[35] In the ensuing battle, Chetney used a special healing potion to save an injured guard so that the guard would tell the authorities that the party came to his rescue rather than causing the mayhem.[36]

Chetney began gifting the wooden toys he had promised the party members as he produced them. The first was a carved wooden skyship given to Dorian Storm,[37] and the next was an articulated wooden hand given to Ashton Greymoore.[38] He gave Orym two items: a bowl in the shape of a crescent moon, and a carved wooden box,[39] Laudna a wooden house for Pâté de Rolo,[40] and Fearne a small wolf.[41]

When the party was going up against the Shade Mother in their quest to capture Emoth Kade, Chetney volunteered to scout ahead and was the first to actually see the Shade Mother. He also volunteered to create a diversion by running across the room where he had seen her.[42] During the battle, Chetney was able to use one of Olly's beads to imprison Emoth. That evening, he invited Fearne to join him in his room and she told him if he howled exactly at 3:00 AM, she'd be there. Unfortunately for him, he slept through the assignation.[43]

During the heist of the Twilight Mirror Museum, Chetney triggered a trap that dropped him onto a greased slide into a room with a soft, translucent, acidic floor that began absorbing him, inflicting serious and continuing acid damage. He pulled free and transformed into his wolf form, climbing precariously onto a piton he drove into the wall. The group above tied a rope around Orym and lowered him down the chute. Chetney leaped toward Orym, barely grasping his hand, but as the group pulled them upward, Chetney succumbed to his Order of the Lycan bloodlust and attacked Orym. Imogen cast Command on Chetney, ordering him to stop, and Fresh Cut Grass healed him just enough that he regained control.[44]

After the heist, Chetney and Orym visited the shop "Knot Forgotten" and talked to the toymaker Zadro Ichlen. Chetney was impressed with the workmanship on display and learned that Zadro learned her trade in Uthodurn. When Chetney asked her if she knew Oltgar, her entire demeanor changed, becoming hostile and suspicious. Even when Chetney told her he had no love for Oltgar, she remained wary and they agreed to forget they ever met. Chetney's anger seemed almost to overpower him inside the shop, and when Orym questioned him outside, Chetney told him Oltgar is "the worst kind of person."[45]

Before leaving Jrusar, Chetney and the party met with Ajit Dayal, who was surprised to hear they were working with Lord Eshteross. Chetney explained that he came to Jrusar to meet with Gurge Kisgregg, and that they shared a condition, which Ajit immediately understood. Chetney was seeking Ajit's help in locating the Gorgynei, and turned down Ajit's offer to help him cure his lycanthropy. Ajit told them the Gorgynei were currently in the Gloomed Jungles of Aeshanadoor, where they were able to remain hidden from those hunting the hides of lycanthropes for the bounty upon them. Controlling lycanthropy is difficult and the beast within cannot always be restrained, but the Gorgynei had somehow found a way to do so. When questioned, Chetney initially denied he had ever lost control, but eventually confessed he may have slipped up a couple times. Once the group was alone, he told them about the moment during the heist that he clawed Orym, and suggested that since it was because of how injured he was at the time, when he is in wolf form they should keep their distance or make sure he is healed. He also admitted he had a sensitivity to silver.[46]

In the middle of that night, Chetney snuck out of the Spire by Fire Inn and broke into the Prism Emporium via sliding down the chimney. He accosted and terrified owner Tuyen Otwana about the prices of her wares, eventually transforming into his werewolf form to warn her to charge fairly from now on. He swiped her arm with his claw, exposing bone, and then cauterized the wound with his flaming claws. Promising to return, he exited invisibly to return to the inn to sleep.[47]

In Bassuras, Chetney investigated the postcards Fearne had received, allegedly from her parents, and noticed they seemed recently made although Fearne believed they were 90 years old. Later, he asked her if she had paint or ink, and told her it was okay if she wanted to tell them anything.[48] Chetney was one of the party's drivers (in a crawler named the "Buck Fucket") in the Deathwish Run with Laudna riding shotgun and Fresh Cut Grass as the front wheel, and made it successfully to the finish line.[49]

That evening, Chetney offered to help Dusk capture the Calloways if they would share the bounty with him. They denied knowing what he was talking about, saying they weren't trying to kill Fearne's parents. Travis succeeded on an insight check and got a whisper from Erika Ishii as to whether Dusk was lying.[50]


Dorian Storm

Chetney took a great dislike to Dorian when he met him.[51] However, the two warmed up quickly, and Dorian directly called him a friend and a member of the party when patrolling the Moon Tower. When Dorian left Bells Hells to return to Tal'Dorei, Chetney's parting gift to him was a hand-carved wooden toy skyship.[52]

Fearne Calloway

Chetney immediately liked Fearne. His toy payment to her was a carved wooden wolf.[53]

Fresh Cut Grass

Chetney immediately liked Fresh Cut Grass.


Chetney was consistently alarmed by Laudna (though he was hesitantly delighted by Pâté). He also made a wooden house for Pâté and Sashimi.[54]


Chetney's handcrafted carved wooden toy for Ashton was an articulated posable hand.[55]


Chetney gave two carved wooden items to Orym: a small bowl in the shape of a crescent moon, and an intricately carved box with two moons on its top.[56]

Character information

Notable items

Former items



  • Shadow Touched (Intelligence)[70]

Gnome abilities

  • Darkvision
  • Gnome Cunning[74]
  • Subrace: Forest gnome
    • Natural Illusionist: Minor Illusion cantrip[75]
    • Speak with Small Beasts[76]

Blood hunter abilities

Fan art of Chetney transformed, by Max Dunbar.[art 5]

  • Hunter's Bane (Hemocraft Die: d6)
  • Blood Maledict (1/rest)
    • Blood Curse of the Marked[77]
  • Fighting Style: Dueling[78]
  • Crimson Rite
    • Rite of the Flame[79]
  • Blood Hunter Order: Order of the Lycan
    • Heightened Senses[80]
    • Hybrid Transformation[81] (Chetney becomes Medium while transformed)[82]
      • Feral Might
      • Resiliant Hide
      • Predatory Strikes[83]
      • Bloodlust[84]
  • Extra Attack

Rogue abilities

  • Expertise: Stealth[85] and one other
  • Sneak Attack (1d6)
  • Thieves Cant

Behind the scenes

Fan art of Chutney in "The Night Before Critmas" (Sx41), by Janelle Krzykowski.[art 6]

Chetney was conceived as a "true, legit" take on the character Chutney Chocolatecane, a Christmas elf Travis played in "The Night Before Critmas" (Sx41) and in Narrative Telephone's "Chutney's Christmas Vacation"; Campaign Three and the Critical Role special do not share continuity, and the gnome Chetney is distinct from the Christmas elf Chutney.[86]

Chetney bears similar facial scars to his Christmas elf counterpart, and his knit cap alludes to Chutney's Christmas hat; similarly, both are armed with a weaponized wood chisel.[87] As Chutney is a toymaking elf from the North Pole who rues the replacement of wooden toys with plastic ones, so Chetney is a toymaker from the snowbound northern city of Uthodurn who opposes the use of metal instead of wood in craftsmanship.[88][89] Both Chutney and Chetney committed an act of violence against their former employer (Santa Claus and Oltgar respectively).[90] Snowflakes are also depicted in the animation on Chetney's stat card, a further nod to his inspiration,[91] and Chetney, a blood hunter, was initially stated to be a rogue like Chutney.[92]

Travis wanted Chetney to join the party a little later in the story, so Chetney was not introduced until toward the end of "Behind the Curtain" (3x07).[93] Instead, Travis played Bertrand Bell (a returning character) until "The Trail and the Toll" (3x03) and was absent from the table until Chetney's introduction.[94]

Appearances and mentions


Fan art of Chetney on a rocking horse, by oliviahintz.[art 7]

  • Chetney: (on meeting the party) "You're awfully nice. I mean, I could be fucking armed to the teeth. You don't know me."
    Laudna: "Are you armed to the teeth?"
    Chetney: "Yes."[95]
  • Chetney: (explaining his woodworking past) "I started with furniture and there wasn't much of a market for that where I was. I wanted to make something that people loved, so I switched to toys. I'm particularly good at making rocking horses."[96]
  • Chetney: "I love working with wood."[97][98]
  • Chetney: "Woodworking is something I've had a passion for decades, maybe longer. I learned from some of the best." [...] "The wood speaks to you. You just have to be ready to listen."[99]
  • Dorian: (to Chetney) "You have a friend, right? Like a group of friends?"
    Chetney: "I do now."[100]
  • Chetney: (to Bells Hells) I'm sort of invested because your toys are in production. So, I mean, you could pay me for the services rendered up to this point, or I could continue to engage with you on a professional basis.[101]
  • Chetney: (after admitting his lycanthropy to the party) "I won't lie. There are some things that I haven't told you yet, but I'm trusting you more, and I have selfish desires. There are people that need to die, and things that need to be righted, but that's down the road."[102]
  • Chetney, on multiple occasions: (in his mind) "Balls!"


  • The animation on both his gnome and his werewolf stat cards is of falling snow.[91]
  • Chetney is one of two members of Bells Hells with darkvision. Because Laudna acquired it magically through her sorcerer subclass, he is the only one who has darkvision naturally.
  • Chetney was introduced in December 2021, apt given his roots in a Christmas-themed one-shot.
  • The RTA tattooed on Chetney's right shoulder stands for "Recognize the Alpha"; Matt emphasized in-universe that the concept of wolves having an alpha is based on outdated and disproven research popularized in The Wolf by L. David Mech, who has since disavowed the book's premise.[103]

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