The ninth chapter of Critical Role begins a new campaign set 20 years after Vox Machina defeated Vecna. The campaign is set on the continent of Wildemount, which is north-east of Tal'Dorei.

The new party first meet in the sleepy town of Trostenwald, but quickly become involved in a investigation after a zombie attacks the recently arrived travelling carnival...

Episode Summaries

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Title Airdate Link Runtime
116 1 "Curious Beginnings" (2x01) 2018-01-11 19:00 PST VOD 3:24:31
Seven people, all with different backgrounds, meet by chance in a tavern in Trostenwald. Though not entirely sure of each other, they all decide to go to a local carnival together. But, what was meant to be a brief diversion soon turns into a fight for their very lives...
117 2 "A Show of Scrutiny" (2x02) 2018-01-18 19:00 PST VOD 4:13:06
After killing the zombies, the new party find themselves under orders not to leave town and partial house arrest. The group decides to attempt their own investigation, but struggles to find any clues. Then they return to the scene of the initial attack, to disastrous results.
118 3 "The Midnight Chase" (2x03) 2018-01-25 19:00 PST VOD 3:59:27
The party faces off against two zombified guards and try to find Kylre. They discover Kylre has fled into the Ustaloch and track him to a small island where they must confront the fiend and Toya.
119 4 "Disparate Pieces" (2x04) 2018-02-01 19:00 PST VOD 3:56:12
120 5 "The Open Road" (2x05) 2018-02-08 19:00 PST VOD 3:43:10
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