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The fourth chapter of Critical Role begins shortly after the defeat of the Briarwoods. As Sovereign Uriel Tal'Dorei II announces his abdication, four dragons calling themselves the Chroma Conclave attack the city of Emon. After saving whomever they can and resettling them in Whitestone, the members of Vox Machina rally their allies to kill the dragons and take back their home.

The Conclave Attacks
The Raven Queen's Bargain

The Conclave Attacks

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The Raven Queen's Bargain

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The Conclave Attacks
The Raven Queen's Bargain

Art Credits 1. Thomas Brin 2. Lap Pun Cheung 3. David Rodrigues 4. Jet

Episode summaries[]

No. overall No. in chapter Title Original airdate Link Runtime
39 1 "Omens" (1x39) 2016-01-21 VOD 3:55:51
Vox Machina returns to General Krieg's home, learning about J'mon Sa Ord, ruler of Ank'Harel on the desert continent of Marquet. The group discovers a mysterious skull, and Vax questions the priorities of the group. Meanwhile, the city of Emon experiences a substantial political shift.
40 2 "Desperate Measures" (1x40) 2016-01-28 VOD 3:01:47
Vox Machina must deal with the Chroma Conclave's attack on Emon and the possible slaughter of much of the city's leadership and notable citizenry.
41 3 "In Ruins" (1x41) 2016-02-04 VOD 4:32:41
Vox Machina searches the ruins of Emon for survivors of the Chroma Conclave's attack. With the help of a new friend, they find an old one on death's door.
42 4 "Dangerous Dealings" (1x42) 2016-02-11 VOD 3:38:50
Vox Machina, having rescued Gilmore and the surviving members of the Tal'Dorei royal family, must decide how to handle the Chroma Conclave's attacks across Exandria—and whether to make a devil's bargain with the Clasp.
43 5 "Return to Vasselheim" (1x43) 2016-02-18 VOD 3:44:33
Now in the relative safety of Vasselheim, Vox Machina begins planning their first move against the Chroma Conclave. Fortunately, some old friends turn up to offer their aid.
44 6 "The Sunken Tomb" (1x44) 2016-03-10 VOD 4:55:26
In hopes of defeating the Chroma Conclave, Vox Machina sets out to recover the Vestiges of the Divergence—ancient armor, weapons, and other items of immense power. They learn the location of one Vestige, the Deathwalker's Ward, interred with an ancient Champion of the Raven Queen... at the bottom of a lake.
45 7 "Those Who Walk Away" (1x45) 2016-03-17 VOD 3:03:24
An exhausted Vox Machina spends some time hashing out their pent-up frustrations and examining their spoils of victory. They then journey to Pyrah, home of the Fire Ashari, hoping to find survivors of Thordak's escape from the Elemental Plane of Fire.
46 8 "Cindergrove Revisited" (1x46) 2016-03-24 VOD 3:23:03
With fire elementals emerging from the Elemental Plane of Fire, Vox Machina joins forces with the druids of Pyrah and Zephrah—and a strange scavenger—to seal the rift between planes.
47 9 "The Family Business" (1x47) 2016-03-31 VOD 3:00:33
Vox Machina returns to where much of the group's history began: Westruun. But all is not well! Not only has the Chroma Conclave decimated the area, but another strangely familiar threat has taken hold of the city, as well...
48 10 "Into the Frostweald" (1x48) 2016-04-07 VOD 3:24:37
Vox Machina continues the quest to collect the Vestiges of the Divergence in order to defeat the Chroma Conclave. Along the way, they are rejoined by Pike and discover some other old friends in dire straits.
49 11 "A Name Is Earned" (1x49) 2016-04-14 VOD 4:51:32
Vox Machina ventures deep beneath the Stormcrest Mountains to confront the mysterious androsphinx mate of Osysa—and hopefully learn more about the Vestiges of the Divergence.
50 12 "Best Laid Plans..." (1x50) 2016-04-21 VOD 3:05:00
Vox Machina confronts the darkness of Craven Edge and plans to retake Westruun. Scanlan infiltrates the city to set up a distraction and stumbles upon some old friends.
51 13 "Test of Pride" (1x51) 2016-04-28 VOD 2:54:25
Scanlan tries to plan a safe escape for his daughter Kaylie, while Grog makes his way to the center of Westruun for the final confrontation with his uncle Kevdak.
52 14 "The Kill Box" (1x52) 2016-05-05 VOD 3:19:27
Unable to defeat Kevdak in single combat, Grog calls upon Vox Machina in a desperate fight for their lives, the fate of Westruun, and control of the Herd of Storms.
53 15 "At Dawn, We Plan!" (1x53) 2016-05-12 VOD 3:37:36
Vox Machina must decide: leave Westruun to fight another day, or prepare to face the deadly black dragon Umbrasyl?
54 16 "In the Belly of the Beast" (1x54) 2016-05-19 VOD 4:26:47
With battle plans in place, Grog frees some Westruun citizens while Vox Machina busily prepares to engage Umbrasyl with the cunning of their tactics and the strength of the Herd of Storms. The hour arrives, Umbrasyl descends, and the battle begins...
55 17 "Umbrasyl" (1x55) 2016-06-02 VOD 4:16:57
The battle with Umbrasyl went according to plan—until it didn't. After most of the Herd of Storms dissolved in acid, and with Scanlan and Vax'ildan trapped inside the dragon with Grog trailing through the air on a chain, Vox Machina's chance for victory is about to fly away...
56 18 "Hope" (1x56) 2016-06-09 VOD 3:53:14
As the citizens of Westruun learn of Umbrasyl's demise, they must decide whether to flee possible retaliation from the Chroma Conclave or reclaim their city. With the burden of so many lives and so much destruction, the members of Vox Machina struggle with their own responsibilities and destinies. Perhaps a humble paladin can restore the hope of both frightened citizens and powerful heroes...