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The twelfth chapter of Critical Role continues the second campaign, set in Wildemount. Fjord takes to the seas in search of his mysterious patron...


The Followers of the False Serpent

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Coming Into Darktow

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The Stowaway

The Happy Fun Ball

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Art Credits 1. Galactic Jonah 2. Rammaru 3. BlackSalander 4. Shalizeh7

Episode Summaries

Title Airdate Link Length
151 36 1 "O Captain, Who's Captain?" (2x36) 2018-09-27 19:00 PDT VOD 4:04:53
The Mighty Nein hire a crew and set out on a naval adventure, but danger lurks on the open seas...
152 37 2 "Dangerous Liaisons" (2x37) 2018-10-04 21:00 EDT VOD 3:18:29
Live from New York! The Mighty Nein are taken aboard the Squall Eater, and Fjord learns more about his mysterious patron...
153 38 3 "Welcome to the Jungle" (2x38) 2018-10-11 19:00 PDT VOD 3:25:49
Delving into the jungle island of Urukayxl, the Mighty Nein must utilize new tactics in order to contend with the dangerous denizens of the jungle...
154 39 4 "Temple of the False Serpent" (2x39) 2018-10-18 19:00 PDT VOD 4:21:51
The Mighty Nein discover what creatures lie in wait in the inner depths of the temple...
155 40 5 "Dubious Pursuits" (2x40) 2018-11-01 19:00 PDT VOD 3:10:40
The Mighty Nein undergo a dangerous watery escape from the temple, and go to great lengths to maintain their alliance with Captain Avantika...
156 41 6 "A Pirate's Life for Me" (2x41) 2018-11-08 19:00 PST VOD 3:40:43
The Mighty Nein head for the lawless island of Darktow, engaging in an act of piracy along the way...
157 42 7 "A Hole In the Plan" (2x42) 2018-11-15 19:00 PST VOD 3:54:33
The Mighty Nein explore the pirate island of Darktow, and attempt to undermine Avantika...
158 43 8 "In Hot Water" (2x43) 2018-11-29 19:00 PST VOD 3:40:13
The Mighty Nein face a showdown with Avantika and her crew in Darktow, and the possible wrath of the Plank King for breaking pirate law...
159 44 9 "The Diver's Grave" (2x44) 2018-12-06 19:00 PST VOD 4:12:20
The Mighty Nein investigate Fjord’s shipwreck, and their underwater adventure takes a spooky turn as they head deeper into the Diver’s Grave...
160 45 10 "The Stowaway" (2x45) 2018-12-13 19:00 PST VOD 4:58:55
The Mighty Nein find a stowaway on the Squall-Eater, who carries a mysterious item that holds dangerous consequences for the curious...
161 46 11 "A Storm of Memories" (2x46) 2018-12-20 19:00 PST VOD 3:58:52
The Mighty Nein dock in Bisaft before setting sail through a dangerous storm to find the next temple of Uk’otoa…
162 47 12 "The Second Seal" (2x47) 2019-01-10 19:00 PST VOD 3:49:22
The Mighty Nein dive back underwater to find the second temple of Uk’otoa in search of Fjord’s reward…