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The Chandei Quorum is the main ruling body of the Oderan Wilds of Marquet, tasked with governing the capital Jrusar and the rest of the region and protecting its people. Its nine members are drawn from various Mahaan houses, nobles, and powerful figures in the region. Eight of these members are anonymous, and a ninth is publicly known and acts as the public face of the Quorum.


The Chandei Quorum is the main ruling body of the Oderan Wilds of Marquet, tasked with governing the capital Jrusar and the rest of the region and protecting its people.[1][2] Eight of its members are anonymous and carefully guarded, coming from various Mahaan houses, nobles, and powerful figures.[2][3] A ninth "psuedo-member", whose identity is publicly known, acts as their mouthpiece.[4][5] Membership is determined by the majority, and any ousted members are sworn to secrecy under penalty of death.[6] Learning who is one of the secret members of the Quorum is politically advantageous, as it allows alliances, lobbying, and favorable business deals. It can also increase the chance of being voted into the Quorum with the opportunities for enrichment that provides.[7]

The Quorum meets in the Chandei Chambers at the very top of the Core Spire.[8]

The Wardens, colloquially known as Wilders, are the guards of the city that work for the Chandei Quorum. Some of them are simurgh riders, soaring above the city to keep an eye out for illegal activities, constituting the law enforcement arm of the Quorum itself.[9]

Known members[]

Suspected members[]


Campaign Three[]

In 843 PD Lord Eshteross told the soon-to-be-named Bells Hells that although the Quorum promised justice and protection, they were failing to provide either and the Ivory Syndicate was growing in power in both Jrusar and the surrounding Honored Trails.[13] There was much speculation that some members of the Chandei Quorum were working directly with the Syndicate and were helping protect it. This led to an outcry from standard citizens who felt disenfranchised by the Quorum. At minimum, the Quorum's lack of public action against the Syndicate led to a widespread sense that there must be some collusion between the two organizations.[14]

After Bells Hells brought evidence that Armand Treshi was involved with Gurge Kisgregg's captivity by Vali Dertrana and Ira Wendagoth, Eshteross informed the group that he long suspected Treshi to be a member of the Quorum. With information that Treshi was involved in unscrupulous schemes across the city, he planned to seek a way to begin undermining Treshi's influence in the city.[12]

Eshteross and the party attended a masquerade ball held by the Quorum at their chambers.[15] Conversations witnessed between Gavis, Treshi, and Orlana "all but confirmed" Estheross' suspicions of Treshi's Quorum membership and moved him to suspect Orlana was a member of the Quorum as well.[16] Later, the Green Seekers confirmed to Bells Hells that they had been hired by Orlana and that she was a Quorum member.[11]

During the apogee solstice when it became obvious that something was wrong with magic, the Quorum responded by allowing the use of the formerly private brumeskippers to all citizens to replace the disenchanted gondolas connecting the spires.[17] They also maintained communication with the governments of different continents, such as the Tal'Dorei Council and the Clovis Concord, authorizing the presence of their skyships and soldiers as they prepared to travel to the place under Ruidus, where a a recent battle had taken place; they were also visited in person by J'mon Sa Ord, the ruler of Ank'Harel, who stayed in Jrusar for a few days, as part of an effort for creating a Marquesian alliance.[18] The Quorum informed their citizens about these foreign visitors so that they kept calm,[19] but those tensions, added to the potential presence of escaped criminals and the occasional appearance of projections of Ludinus Da'leth making speeches through arcane spheres, meant that the government forces were outmatched, causing several Mahaan houses to resort to deals with the Hubatt Corsairs in exchange for pardoning some of their actions.[20]


  • The eight anonymous members and one public member of the Chandei Quorum are similar to the Lords of Waterdeep from the Forgotten Realms setting, in which many anonymous Masked Lords and one public Open Lord rule the city of Waterdeep.


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