Fan art of Vax'ildan, Champion of the Raven Queen, by NLN4.[art 1]

A Champion of the Raven Queen is a servant of the goddess of death, the Raven Queen.  Long before the events of Critical Role, one such champion was Purvan Suul, who was interred with his powerfully-enchanted armor, the Deathwalker's Ward.  As part of ritually pledging himself to the Raven Queen, Purvan gave his name to the goddess, being known thereafter as simply "the Champion".

When Vex'ahlia died during the retrieval of the Deathwalker's Ward, her twin brother Vax'ildan made a bargain for her life with the Raven Queen,[1] eventually donning the Champion's armor[2] and becoming a new Champion of the Raven Queen.[3] Vax did not give his name to the Raven Queen.

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