Champion of Pelor

Fan art of Vex'ahlia as the Champion of Pelor, by Jessica S..[art 1]

A Champion of Pelor is a servant of Pelor: the Dawnfather, and god of the Sun and the harvest. Before the story of Vox Machina, there had been five Champions of Pelor. Each of them has been memorialized with a star on the Crest of Whitestone, as Pelor is the patron god of the city.

When Pelor questioned if any of Vox Machina thought themselves worthy of being his Champion, Vex'ahlia remained speechless. To encourage her friend, Keyleth tried to claim the title. Keyleth motivated Vex when challenged for the role, and Vex finally offered to be the Champion of Pelor.[1]

Pelor tested Vex, and after finding her worthy, granted his blessing to Vex.[1]

Known ChampionsEdit

Trivia Edit

  • As Percy pointed out, the Crest of Whitestone will need to add a new star, as there is now a new Champion of Pelor. Thus, Percy granted Vex the honorific of "The Sixth Star", reflecting Vex's increased importance in Whitestone.

References Edit

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