Champ is a human man who works at The Landlocked Lady, a brothel owned by the Mardoon Family. As an NPC, Champ is played by Matthew Mercer.

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Champ is a human man in his late 30s with a very short hair starting to show signs of male pattern baldness and a well kept handlebar mustache that curves out very wide over a van dyke beard. When he met Mighty Nein he was wearing a vest and a light green, billowing shirt with a white collar[1]

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Champ was manning the front desk at the Landlocked Lady when the party arrived. He offered them rooms and "companionship". Beau rented a room for the night and a companion for an hour, and the rest of the party (Caleb, Nott, Nila, and Keg) spent the night in two separate rooms.[2] Champ also told them that the Mardoon family was currently at their estate.

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