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The Cerberus Assembly is a group of extremely powerful mages in the Dwendalian Empire centered in Rexxentrum[4] with others scattered through the continent.

Fan art of the Cerberus Assembly symbol, by @JustHustina.[art 2]


The name "Cerberus Assembly" is a reference to a group of powerful mages that existed during the Age of Arcanum.[5] However, the current faction took the name as inspiration and is unaffiliated with the group.

Around 570 PD,[2] there was a war of Mage Houses within the Dwendalian Empire that nearly destroyed part of Rexxentrum, in an event subsequently known as "The Eve of Crimson Midnight".[1] As part of the ceasefire, as opposed to being imprisoned, the Mage Houses agreed to bind themselves to the Empire. The Cerberus Assembly was established as a power under rule of the king. It has since flourished, helping the Empire rise to power by conquering the Julous Dominion.[6]

The Assembly

Those not allied with the Assembly are wary of their growing power.[7] Those allied with the Assembly, such as Pumat Sol, claim that they keep the Crown in check and prevent abuses of power. The Assembly has promoted learning in the middle to lower classes in Zadash.[8]

The mages of the Cerberus Assembly are involved in virtually all aspects of governance of the Dwendalian Empire, including spying and the Volstrucker, protecting it against foreign invasions, the supervision of the Soltryce Academy and the Hall of Erudition, foreign relations, and discovery of powerful artifacts of the Age of Arcanum.

The Assembly and the Cobalt Soul are often at odds with each other.[9] They have worked in an antagonistic lockstep for the better part of a century, since the inception of the Assembly. They do not outwardly show aggression towards each other, but have maintained a series of checks and balances. Both sides have done what they can to curb the influence of the other and prevent the other from achieving internal goals that went against the needs and wants of their own faction. They also work together at times out of necessity, both publicly and behind the scenes. Sometimes they maintain a relationship of frustrated convenience, and at other times, a subversive antagonism.[10]


The symbol of the Cerberus Assembly consists of three diamond-like shapes pointed inward toward themselves representing the three heads of the Assembly, and underneath, eight spires that curl up around it representing The Candles, the eight towers that encircle the stronghold where the King sits.[11]

Members and Operations


The Annexes

Directly beneath the eight chief mages of the Assembly are their deputies and assistants, known as annexes.[20]

Former Members

  • Trent Ikithon: Archmage of Civil Influence - The propagandist and constructor of the face of the Empire in upper echelon circles.[12] He was also entrusted with selecting and training students for the Volstrucker.[18] Eventually, his abuses of his students were exposed to King Bertrand Dwendal by the Mighty Nein and the Cobalt Soul, and Ikithon was stripped of his position on the Assembly and imprisoned.
  • Lady Vess DeRogna: Archmage of Antiquity[12] - Served as the expert historian for the Assembly. She replaced her criminal predecessor Delilah Briarwood in the position[18], before being assassinated by Lucien in her suite in Balenpost.[26]
  • Delilah Briarwood: Archmage of Antiquity - Ousted from the Assembly for illegal necromantic experimentation through an investigation led by the Cobalt Soul.[27]
  • Lord Symon Vergesson: Founder and namesake of the Vergesson Sanatorium, now deceased.

The Wind of Aeons

The Assembly maintains a small sailing ship, the Wind of Aeons. It is built of redwood in a style very visibly different to most other ships, and carries the Cerberus Assembly flag.[28] Rarely used, it is nonetheless beautifully made with golden inlays along the edge of the deck and handles, designed to create an impression when the Assembly does go to sea.[29]


  • Some recent members of the Cerberus Assembly hold political and/or nobiliary titles (like Baroness Jenna Iresor or Lady Vess DeRogna). It is unknown if they have those titles in their own right, like nobles of the original Assembly did, or if they obtained said titles for their services to the Crown.


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