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Ceratos of Many Minds, one of the Elder Evils,[2] is a strange being from the Far Realm, and one of the oldest creatures on Exandria.[1]



It is said that Ceratos looks like a "massive skinless sphere of flesh covered in mismatched eyes, mouths, and tentacles."[1]


Ceratos assures those who follow them that "chaos brings clarity and destruction begets rebirth." They hope to return to their previous, more powerful state through the actions of these followers.[1]

In addition to the followers of Ceratos, a few scholars who study ancient entities are aware of their existence. These sages consider Ceratos, like all of the Elder Evils, dangerous, and maintain that dealings with them can only lead to madness and destruction.[2]



Ceratos left the Far Realm and arrived on Exandria before the Founding, reveling in the primordial chaos. However, when the chaos was divided into the four Elemental Planes, Ceratos fled underground and fell into a "nightmarish slumber" during which they went mad, their consciousness separating.[1]

Much later, Torog's digging woke Ceratos. Longing for the lost chaos, their now separated minds began to send offerings of magical power to the minds of those that were willing and able to create chaos in Exandria.[1]

Known worshipers[]


  • Ceratos' name derives from the Latin prefix cerato-, meaning "horned" or "horn-like".
  • While Ceratos is considered a Chaotic Neutral being, they are classified as one of the "Elder Evils".[2] This name was used in prior editions of D&D to refer to extremely powerful and ancient beings, most but not all of which were evil-aligned.[4]