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Celia Ovesso is a human woman[1] and a follower of the Traveler. As an NPC, she is played by Matthew Mercer.

Fan art of Trudo and Celia, by Kileigh Gallagher.[art 2]



Celia is well-dressed, with shoulder-length blonde hair.[2]


Celia was impatient when she arrived at Rumblecusp for Traveler Con, accompanied by her goliath bodyguard Trudo.[3] She corrected Kellbast rather snootily when he referred to Trudo as her buddy.[4] She projected a general air of believing herself to be too good for the accommodations and the other followers of the Traveler. She reacted in shocked horror when told to bathe in the ocean, saying she'd find "the proper water."[5] Jester immediately took a dislike to her, which Kellbast hinted he shared.[6]

When talking to the Traveler, Jester expressed her opinion about Celia, and the Traveler agreed she was "a bit of a bitch, but that cruelty makes for some fun pranks on occasion." He said they weren't always directed at the right targets, but she was learning.[7]



Celia had been a follower of the Traveler for about two and a half years at the time of Traveler Con.[8] The Traveler mentioned that Celia had found one of Jester's pamphlets.[9]

"A Fog Lifted" (2x106)

Celia arrived early by boat to the island of Rumblecusp with Kellbast and Trudo. She was then greeted by Jester and Nott.

"Traveler Con" (2x108)

Celia stepped up to Jester and presented the golden dick to her and asked for a prize as promised. Jester said that she would get her prize later. Veth used her soverign glue on the golden dick and handed it back to Celia. When she tried to throw the dick into the volcano, it was stuck to her hand permanently due to the glue. Celia stomped off away from the volcano, frustrated that she had been pranked.


Character Information

Marisha's Celia costume for Halloween 2020.


Even though her abilities were not shown, it is hinted that she has some magical powers gifted to her by the Traveler.

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Appearances and mentions



Marisha Ray dressed as Celia for the 2020 Halloween episode.[11]


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