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CelebriD&D with Joe Manganiello is a program produced by Geek & Sundry that featured Critical Role characters Keyleth and Percival de Rolo and was set in Exandria. It was recognized by Matthew Mercer as technically canon in "Vox Machina Go to Hell" (1x91)[1] and was confirmed to be at least semi-canonical when Joe Manganiello's character, Arkhan the Cruel, reconnected with Keyleth and Percy in "The Final Ascent" (1x113).[2]

Arkhan and his party find themselves in an abandoned temple while looking for an ancient relic.[3]


Wreath of the Prism - Irina Nordsol

Official art of the Wreath of the Prism, by Irina Nordsol.[art 1]

Tiamat, the Betrayer God and patron of chromatic dragons, sent visions of a locked-away loop of golden thorns and gems to her follower Arkhan in his dreams. Arkhan spent months of frustrating research seeking it out until finally coming across a monk of the Cobalt Soul named Duan[spelling?] who had the knowledge he needed. He hired a group of mercenaries—Keyleth, Percival de Rolo, the Headmistress, and Dupont Dupont—to help him delve into the Vault of Shumas in the Aggrad Mountains of Marquet.[4][5]

Some two years before Misuthar 812 PD, the party arrived at the Vault.[2] After gaining entry, the party encountered and killed a few yuan-ti guarding the temple. Arkhan then barely took control of the ghostly undead caregiver there, and commanded her to show him to the artifact. She brought forth a manticore, who (following the caregiver's lead) willingly relinquished the loop—the Wreath of the Prism—on its neck. When Arkhan put the loop around his own neck, the thorns suddenly jutted deep into his neck and dealt him piercing damage, changed the appearance of his eyes, and changed his vision so that colors were more vibrant and he could see the heat of others' bodies. He then was able to command the manticore, on whose back the party flew from the temple, with the dominated caregiver following.[6]

Featured characters[]

Player characters[]

(all 5th-level characters)


  • The caregiver, an undead guardian of the Vault of Shumas




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