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Wendy Sullivan Green is an official artist for Critical Role, an unofficial fan artist, and a special guest during the Q&A in from Critical Role Q&A and Battle Royale!.

Art by Wendy Sullivan Green

  • Artist Name:  Wendy Sullivan Green
  • Credit Name:  Wendy Sullivan Green
  • Blanket permission to use Wendy Sullivan Green's art on Critical Role Wikia with credit.
    • Limitations:  It is unknown whether Wendy, Geek & Sundry, or the Critical Role cast hold the copyrights for official Critical Role art.
  • @WendyDoodles on Twitter
  • Wendy Doodles on Tumblr


Use the following caption format throughout the wiki for Wendy Sullivan Green's art.

{{art caption|subject=______|artist=Wendy Sullivan Green|source=<!--OriginalImageURL-->}}

Image Descriptions

Paste the following into the file page for each new image by Wendy Sullivan Green.

== '''Description''' == <onlyinclude>{{art caption|subject=______|artist=Wendy Sullivan Green|source=<!--OriginalImageURL-->}}</onlyinclude> == '''Caption''' == <pre style="white-space: pre-wrap;">{{art caption|subject=______|artist=Wendy Sullivan Green|source=<!--OriginalImageURL-->}}</pre> == '''Licensing''' == {{Copyrighted with permission}}

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