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Catalysm Bolts are magical, dwarven-made[2], crossbow ammunition that have a random unpredictable additional area effect damage bonus. These crossbow bolts were first created during the Scattered War by the Jaggenstrike Clan founders of the Kraghammer.[1]


The bolts act as normal crossbow bolts, but on impact, the user rolls a d6[3] to determine the kind of additional damage that may occur. On a roll of 1-2, the bolt explodes, dealing fire damage to the creatures within 5 feet of it; on 3-4, the bolt freezes and damages nearby creatures, with the chance to restrain them.[4]; on 5, the target takes necrotic damage and can be stunned until the end of their next turn; on 6, the bolt splits in 7 parts, unleashing a burst of shrapnel.[1]

Once the bolt hits, the enchantment ends and it becomes a normal piece of ammunition.[1]


The Mighty Nein found three Cataclysm Bolts inside a case in Vokodo's lair, and Veth took them. She used the first one against Gelidon in Eiselcross, but the additional damage roll was for cold, which Gelidon was immune to.[5] The remaining two were used against the fire guardian on the Elemental Plane of Fire, and both additional damage rolls were for fire, which the guardian was immune to.[6]


All three times Veth used the Cataclysm Bolts, the target was immune to the extra damage from the bolts.[7][8]


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