A Carpet of Flying, or just flying carpet, is a magical item; as the name suggests, it is a carpet that has been enchanted to fly. Vox Machina's original Carpet of Flying was taken from Lady Allura's home, the Ivory Tower, after it was assaulted by a demonic entity.[1] That original rug eventually lost its enchantment and was rendered a normal, non-magical rug. Vox Machina later found a new Carpet of Flying within Thordak's lair.[2]



Vox Machina found out the first carpet could fly during the collapse of the Ivory Tower. Originally using it as a parachute, the carpet ended up saving them by sweeping underneath them and flying them down to safety.[3][4] Afterwards, they chose to keep it and not tell Allura that they were the ones who took it. Allura once hinted that she knew it was them, but did not press the matter as she seemed to have decided they could keep it.[5]

"Trial of the Take: Part 4" (1x21)

Tiberius, Keyleth, and Vax'ildan, along with Kashaw Vesh and Thorbir Falbek from the Slayer's Take guild, attempted to cross a river of acid using the carpet. They accidentally triggered a magical rune trap that caused the carpet's flying ability to be temporarily disabled, plunging them all into acid. Vax attempted to save the carpet by holding it over his head while wading through the rest of the way, but it had already been coated in acid. Tiberius then attempted to repair it using his Mending Wheel. While he was able to repair the carpet physically, it lost its flying enchantment and became nothing but a normal rug. Vex'ahlia was furious when she found out about the loss.

"What Lies Beneath the Surface" (1x81)

Several months later, while looting through Thordak's treasure hoard in Emon, Vex'ahlia discovered a second, larger Carpet of Flying, which she has kept ever since.[6]


While the carpet grants flying to all who can fit on it, there are some limits to what it could do.[7] The first carpet was incapable of lifting Grog[8] or Trinket due to their weight. It could only hold the weight of about four or five average-sized party members at once.

In addition to the flying ability, the carpet has the following:

  • Some apparent resistance to damage.
  • Percy was able to modify the original carpet during "K'Varn Revealed" (1x10) using hide from a cloaker they slew, making the bottom of the carpet invisible.


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