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Canines are a family of mammals that includes animals such as dogs, coyotes, foxes, and wolves.


Canines are beasts and typically have keen senses of smell and hearing.[1]



Coyotes are canines known to Caleb Widogast.[6]


Dogs are domesticated canines. One breed of dogs are mastiffs, which can be trained as for guard duty, hunting, and for war.[7][8]


Foxes are small, timid canines that typically live in forests or arctic regions.[9] During the Battle of Vasselheim, Vecna Polymorphed the bard Scanlan Shorthalt into a fox, cutting him off from spellcasting.[10]


Wolves are large canines that hunt in forests, grasslands, and hilly regions.[11] One notable wolf was Galdric, former animal companion to the ranger Purvan Suul.[12]

Related species[]

Due to their hyaenid ancestry, gnolls were noted to have a canid appearance.[13] Likewise, aeorian absorbers were noted to, from a distance, resemble canines and felines.[14]

Wargs were a "side breed" of bulbous, wolf-like creatures.[15]


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