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This wiki contains spoilers for all stories of Critical Role. This includes the story for unaired episodes of The Legend of Vox Machina, as it's based on the first campaign of Critical Role from 2015-2017.


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The fifth arc of Campaign One of Critical Role send Vox Machina onto their final adventure. With the return of an old foe leading a band of cultists as they seek to raise the archlich Vecna to godhood. Vox Machina must race against time to stop this new threat as the ascension of Vecna looms ever closer.

Arc 4: Taryon Darrington / Arc 5: Vecna


Vecna rising

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The Gifts of the Gods

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Thar Amphala

The final assault

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And every day that raven comes to visit...

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Art Credits 1. Thomas Brin 2. Lap Pun Cheung 3. BlackSalander 4. Tyrone Andersen

Episode Summaries

No. Title Original airdate Link Runtime
100 "Unfinished Business" (1x100) 2017-06-08 VOD 5:46:36
Vox Machina, along with Lionel Gayheart and Scanlan Shorthalt, travel into the mountain range of Marquet to investigate the existence of another Ziggurat. As Scanlan tries to make amends for his actions, what lies beneath will lead to a shocking reveal that will set the stage for something greater...
101 "Thar Amphala" (1x101) 2017-06-15 VOD 3:31:25
Vox Machina journey through the Ziggurat into the Shadowfell, hot on the trail of Delilah Briarwood.
102 "Race to the Tower" (1x102) 2017-06-22 VOD 4:32:19
All hell breaks loose as Vox Machina race to stop the return of Vecna!
103 "The Fate-Touched" (1x103) 2017-06-29 VOD 3:33:11
Vox Machina regroup after their devastating defeat at the hands of Vecna, all while Vax’s soul is tested by the Matron of Ravens.
104 "Elysium" (1x104) 2017-07-06 VOD 3:07:56
Vox Machina journey to Elysium, where they must prove their worth in the eyes of the gods.
105 "The Fear of Isolation" (1x105) 2017-07-13 VOD 4:08:19
Vox Machina travel to the pools of Wittebak, where they meet a lonely stranger residing in a strange old house.
106 "The Endless Atheneum" (1x106) 2017-07-27 VOD 3:50:03
Vox Machina race against time to earn the blessing of the Goddess of Knowledge while Vecna continues to gain power.
107 "Scaldseat" (1x107) 2017-08-03 VOD 3:57:25
Vox Machina descend into the heart of an undersea volcano to find the forge of the gods.
108 "The Core Anvil" (1x108) 2017-08-10 VOD 4:31:45
Upon finding the Core Anvil and the forge guardian that protects it, Vox Machina attempt to create the divine trammels that will aid in their fight against Vecna.
109 "The Ominous March" (1x109) 2017-08-17 VOD 3:44:21
Live from Gen Con: Vox Machina returns to Vasselheim to prepare for the coming of Vecna.
110 "The Climb Within" (1x110) 2017-08-24 VOD 3:45:25
Vox Machina find treasures, horrors, and mysteries as they make their way through the body of an undead primordial.
111 "Shadows of Thomara" (1x111) 2017-09-14 VOD 4:30:51
Vox Machina make their way through the cursed caverns of the undead dwarven city of Thomara, hoping their presence won't be discovered.
112 "Dark Dealings" (1x112) 2017-09-21 VOD 4:10:09
Vox Machina search for a powerful artifact that could help swing the tide in their favor. Nothing could possibly go wrong…
113 "The Final Ascent" (1x113) 2017-09-28 VOD 5:02:21
Vox Machina, having made their final preparations, make their way to the top of the tower of Entropis. With special guest Joe Manganiello!
114 "Vecna, the Ascended" (1x114) 2017-10-05 VOD 5:44:46
Vox Machina battles Vecna.
115 "The Chapter Closes" (1x115) 2017-10-12 VOD 4:34:10
On the final episode of our campaign, victory is celebrated, and all debts are paid.