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Ollie, Birdie, and Fearne - Ro Smith

Fan art of the Calloways with infant Fearne, by Ro Smith.[art 1]

The Calloways are a Fey Realm family including Fearne, Ollie, and Birdie.[1]


The Calloway family was widely known in the Fey courts, specially the Seelie Court, possibly because of their connection with the Fatestitcher. At some point in the past a relative of Birdie Calloway fell into debt to the hag, and the faun would pay it off by helping to keep her fane clean, during which time she and Morrigan became friends, and the old crone helped her to find her calling.[2] Birdie and her eventual husband, Ollie, gained a bad reputation as troublemakers, however, and left to explore the Material Plane,[3] eventually becoming outcasts in the eyes of the displeased Lady Elmenore, Matriarch of the Seelie Court.[4] The couple travelled to different places, searching for information about Ruidus and the influence it could have in the Fey Realm and in their daughter, Fearne, and bringing with them the Moontide Crown, an artifact stolen from the Unseelie Court.[5] While they were gone, the child stayed with Morrigan. The hag initially accepted because she felt like the child's fate was an interesting paradox, but ended up loving her as a granddaughter, and made letters and postcards pretending they were from the parents of her protégé, to make their prolonged absence more bearable.[6][7][8]

Morri eventually recommended Fearne to go went the mortal realm herself, using a gate constructed a few decades ago in the Verdant Expanse,[9] asking her to give a piece of magical glass to her parents if she found them.[10] However, this act angered Lady Elmenore as well, who sent a forlarren under the appearance of a twisted Fearne to retrieve her and bring her back to her domain, unsuccessfully.[11][12]

Fearne travelled through Tal'Dorei with the Crown Keepers, and later she alongside Dorian Storm and Orym joined a new group, the Bells Hells, in the city of Jrusar, in Marquet. During a mission in the Moon Tower, this group encountered a strange fey entity, Ira Wendagoth, who recognized Fearne's "family essence", and later confirmed her identity watching her fight.[13]

Fearne eventually located her mother in Bassuras, accidentally leading Yu Suffiad, an Unseelie agent, to her. After a tense fight Birdie revealed the reason for her and her husband's travels and the theft of the Moontide Crown, as well as their collaboration with the Nightmare King, and ended up gaining a one-month extension in which the changeling would leave her alone.[14]

Fearne reunited with her father as well in their layaway in the Hellcatch Valley, where she learned a little bit more about him, Birdie, and the nature of her grandmother and the favors she did for other people; during that conversation the Calloways came to the realization that there was a possibility that Morri considered Fearne herself her payment in exchange for creating the Weave Lens.[15] Despite that, Fearne kept thinking kindly of the hag, even refusing to believe they weren't related at all.

Days later, after briefly contacting her to make sure it would be okay, Fearne and Bells Hells were sent by Planerider Ryn to the Fey Realm, visiting Ligament Manor, where the faun finally reunited with her grandmother.[16] They left and had weeks of adventuring around Exandria during the apogee solstice, before eventually returning for rest, recreation, and team building following Ashton Greymoore's unsuccessful attempt to absorb the shard of Rau'shan. The group found that Ollie and Birdie were also there, seeking refuge after Ollie's Squint warned him about their Layaway being about to be under siege. Birdie was caring for Morri, who was still recovering from her wounds after her battle against Zathuda and Gloamglut. When Bells Hells (and Allura Vysoren]]) arrived, everyone was very happy to see Fearne, and they all agreed to help the adventurers during their retreat in the Fatestitcher's domain.[17] It was there where Birdie revealed to her daughter the identity of her biological father, Sorrowlord Zathuda, explaining that she and the Unseelie had been lovers because he wanted a Ruidusborn child, but as he started to lose interest in mother and daughter, Birdie fell in love with Oleander (then a prisoner in the Underbrush Prison), so they escaped together and chose to raise Fearne as their daughter in common.[18]

Known members[]

Fearne C3 official -Hannah Friederichs

Official art of Fearne Calloway in Campaign 3, by Hannah Friederichs.[art 2]

Additionally, Morrigan the Fatestitcher, a powerful hag, is considered an ally and honorary member of the family, having acted as a mother figure for Birdie and a grandmother figure for Fearne (who, in fact, referred to her as "Morri Calloway" in the past). It is possible that some (or all) of the relatives that Fearne knows about are actually connected to Morrigan.


  • Calloway is a surname of either French or Anglo-Saxon origin, and means "place of stone or pebbles".
  • So far the names of the members of this family seem to follow a pattern, referring to birds (like Morrigan and Birdie) and plants (like Oleander and Fearne). That pattern seems to be maintained between parents and children, at least in the known cases.
  • So far the structure of the Calloway family seems to combine both blood ties and bonds of friendship and loyalty, making unclear if the aunts and uncles Fearne has are related to Birdie and/or Ollie, if they are children of Morri, or if they are just taken under the oldest fey's protection.
  • Since fey creatures can change their form more than once in their lives, it's possible that Fearne and her parents didn't always look like fauns and an elf.[24]
  • According to Fearne, the Calloways don't hold an official position in court, but they are quite influential.[25][26]
    • In the Seelie Court they used to organize parties with a lot of dances.[27]
  • Fearne said that the house where she lived with her grandmother is away from everything, allowing them to live a quiet life.[28] This suggests that the relatives that have permanent functions in the Courts usually don't live in said house.
    • Ligament Manor is called a "fane" by Birdie, and according to her, the old fey's reputation prevents most people from approaching her domain if she doesn't want them to.[29]


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