Calianna is a half-elf sorcerer. She is played by Mark Hulmes.

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Calianna is a half-elf with black hair decorated with green ribbons. She uses her hair to cover the right of her face, in addition to wearing a green hooded cloak to obscure her draconic heritage. The draconic parts of her take the form of a fully dragonborn arm with black scales and sharp claws, a long black dragon tail, a dragon horn on her head, and a yellow dragon eye. The right side of her face is covered with black dragon scales.

Personality Edit

Viktor Engholm - Calianna

Fan art of Calianna casting Fireball, by Viktor Engholm.[art 2]

Calianna is very complimentary of others, often pointing out aspects of them that she thinks are cute. She is very nervous, worried that new people might be either members of, or hired by, her former cult. She was very excitable, honest and talkative towards the Mighty Nein after Molly told her that he was a worshipper of Bahamut, the Platinum Dragon. Calianna was also prone to small outbursts of anger, specifically regarding loot from kills she regarded as hers. Calianna attributed this possessiveness to her dragon blood.

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Calianna told Beau that she was born in Port Damali, but didn't spend a lot of time there. She lived on the streets on her own and then was taken in by the Cult of the Caustic Heart, who raised her telling her she was special and important.

"Stalker in the Swamp" (2x21) Edit

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Serissa led the Cult of the Caustic Heart and worshipped Tiamat. She was motherly and kind to Calianna, encouraging the cult to treat Calianna as special. She was able to convince Calianna it was the way of the world to kill people - merchants and other innocents - in the Scaled Tyrant's name. Calianna came to realise Serissa and the cult were evil and ran away from them.


Cali called herself naive, as she knows very little of the real world because the Cult kept her locked away. Jester insisted that she was not naive, and assured her that sheltered people can be quite intelligent. After the Bowl was destroyed, Cali and Jester promised to be pen pals. Later, Jester received a long letter[4] and gifts for the whole party from her that were forwarded from Zadash to the Lavish Chateau in Nicodranas.[5]

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Cali traveled to the Labenda Swamp in search of a magical bowl that can be used in a ritual to contact The Scaled Tyrant. Cali wanted to destroy the bowl, or if that was not possible, hide it from the Cult of the Caustic Heart.

Abilities Edit

Half-elf Abilities Edit

  • Darkvision
  • Fey Ancestry

Sorcerer Abilities Edit

  • Font of Magic
  • Metamagic (two options)
    • Quickened Spell[7]
    • Empowered Spell[8]
  • Sorcerous Origin (Draconic Bloodline)
    • Dragon Ancestor
    • Draconic Resilience
  • Spellcasting (Charisma-based ability)

Sorcerer Spells Edit

As a level 5 sorcerer, Calianna knows 5 cantrips and 6 spells.

Cantrips Edit
1st-level Edit
2nd-level Edit
3rd-level Edit

Notable Items Edit

  • Scroll of Invisibility (gifted to Caleb c/o Nott)[17]
  • Arcane Spellcasting Focus in the shape of a bracelet.[18]

Quotations Edit

  • "Can I write to you? Like, if we leave letters, can we be pen-pals, Jester?"[17]
  • "Well, when I was raised people always complimented me, so I try to do the same for everyone else!"[17]
  • "I'm very disappointed in you, Mr. Fjord!"[17]
  • "I promise you, Mr. Caleb, I promise you, that all I want is to right some of the wrongs that I once did as part of that group. I helped kill people, I helped torture people, I've got to make this right..."[17]

Trivia Edit

  • Calianna is the third player character in the main campaign to be a different gender than their player, after Shale and Nott. There has been one more since, Lieve'tel in the Search for Grog one shot.
  • In artwork, Calianna's draconic side is depicted as being on her right, but Mark Hulmes roleplayed it being on his left. In a tweet Hulmes confirms that it should be on the right, he was nervous and made the mistake of using the wrong side during the episode.
  • Mark Hulmes has levelled up a copy of Calianna's character sheet on D&D Beyond each time the Mighty Nein has levelled up on stream. [19]
  • Mark Hulmes indicated that he thinks Calianna would "lean more towards liking girls," though she does not "know herself yet" in terms of relationships.[20]

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