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Cadigan is a man who had previously captured Twiggy and the prior owner of the Happy Fun Ball or Heirloom Sphere. He has not yet appeared in the campaign.


Sir Cadigan was described by Twiggy as twice her size, which would put him at medium humanoid height, and very skinny. He wore a big ring with a green gem.[1]


Twiggy referred to Sir Cadigan as a "mean man" and a "rascally man". He seemed to be connected in some way to the Exalted Collection Auction House in Port Damali.[2]

He would stick his fingers through the bars of the cage Twiggy was held in to scare her.[3]



Sir Cadigan kept Twiggy in a cage for a very long time.[4] She stole the Heirloom Sphere in order to keep it out of his hands.[5]

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