A magic-devouring cloak that was used by an assassin to eliminate the unscrupulous Den of Druja, Kamaljiori told Vox Machina that, at that time, Cabal's Ruin, one of the Vestiges of the Divergence, was worn by a merchant-warrior with a missing eye in Ank'Harel.[1][2] Before the party reached Cabal's Ruin, Dr. Anna Ripley acquired it[3], likely by murdering its previous owner, Mistress Asharru.[4] After Vox Machina killed Ripley, the cloak was given to Percival de Rolo.[5] The cloak was seemingly found in its awakened state while in Ripley's possession, and it became exalted after Percy used it to absorb some of the spell Meteor Swarm cast by Raishan.[6]

Features Edit

Description Edit

Wondrous item, legendary (requires attunement)

This cloak of dark leather and gold trim seems to occasionally shimmer with small sparks of blue energy across the shadowed lining.[7]

Dormant State Edit

  • Cabal's Ruin has 4 charges and regains 1d4 expended charges daily at dawn.
  • When the wearer is targeted by an enemy’s spell, they can use their reaction to have the cloak swallow part of the spell. The cloak gains a number of charges equal to the spell level of the triggering spell. The wearer is still subject to whatever effects the spell would normally inflict on them, but any damage to be taken is halved. The ability cannot be used again until they finish a short or long rest.[8]
  • When the wearer hits with an attack, they can choose to expend any number of charges from the cloak, dealing an additional 1d6 lightning damage per charge expended, which is inflicted on the target of that attack. If the attack strikes multiple targets, the wearer must choose one target from the group to be subject to this damage.

Awakened State Edit

  • Cabal's Ruin grants the wearer advantage on all saving throws against spells and other magical effects.[9]
  • The cloak’s maximum charges becomes 6, and it regains 1d4+2 charges daily at dawn.
  • When using the cloak’s ability to swallow a spell, the wearer gains resistance to the damage of that spell.

Exalted State Edit

  • The cloak’s maximum charges becomes 10, and it regains 1d6+4 charges daily at dawn.[10]

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