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Bysaes Tyl is the only city of elven creation within the Dwendalian Empire.[3] Founded after the fall of Molaesmyr in 585 PD, the elves of Bysaes Tyl see themselves guardians of elven culture within the Empire. They agreed to Dwendalian rule on the condition that they may maintain some level of cultural autonomy, and thus they are ruled by a Ring of Three elven elders in addition to a crown-appointed starosta. The city is located in the Pearlbow Wilderness and is divided into the Rough, built on the forest floor, and the Shrouds, built as a series of treehouses.


The city is built at the northern edge of the Pearlbow Wilderness in the Zemni Fields, partially on the boreal forest floor and partially in a massive network of treehouses connected by elevated bridges and winding stairways. Bysaes Tyl is protected by a tall wooden wall that surrounds the city.[4]

The Rough[]

The Rough, or Talan in Elvish, is the ground level of Bysaes Tyl. As it often incorporates the trees of the surrounding forest, it is vaguely octogonal in shape. The streets are made of smooth stones set in packed earth and enchanted to warm the pathways and melt the frequent snow. Ground-level structures, which include large tutoring halls, are tucked between rocks and the large trees. Nearly all of them are built from pine and other local timber and incorporating "designs resembling a bowed arch rising to an apex".[5]

The Shrouds[]

The Shrouds, or Halya in Elvish, are the staircases that spiral around and within trees, leading to the treehouse level in the forest canopy.[6]


The elves of Bysaes Tyl are a close-knit community, having become so in the difficult years spent trying to survive the cold climate of the Pearlbow Wilderness shortly after the city was founded. Many were born in Molaesmyr before it fell and see themselves as guardians of elven culture within the Empire. As a result, while they have shared some arcane practices and relics they took from Molaesmyr with Imperial interests, they have withheld some others and have tried to keep their own music, art, and crafts alive.[6]


The vast majority of the population is elven (83%) with 7% humans and 10% other races.[7] Because the city sees itself as an elven cultural center, they scorn half-elves as the children of traitors to their heritage.[8] Elves from Bysaes Tyl are described as usually having fairer complexions in comparison to those of Gwardan, an elven city in the Menagerie Coast.[9]

Notable people[]


The Ring of Three in Bysaes Tyl - R.E.

Fan art of the Ring of Three, by R.E..[art 3]

The city is ruled by the Ring of Three, a group of elven elders technically working under a starosta appointed by the Dwendalian king with whom the city reluctantly cooperates. Several high elven houses also work with the Ring of Three to preserve their culture under Imperial rule. The three elven nobles comprising the current Ring of Three are Allusus Dawyne, Gwey Yethneiros, and Amra Balleei. The starosta as of 835 PD, Uther Prent, is known for his prejudice against elves, and it is suspected that this is why the king appointed him; the Ring of Three tend to work around him through careful flattery and other politicking.[2]


There are both local and assigned Crownsguard present. Defense training takes place in cleared areas of the surrounding forest.[7] Crime is rare, although as of 835 PD the Myriad has reached out to the Ring of Three with offers to help them further deceive Starosta Prent.[5]


Not long after The Calamity, the prominent elven society on Wildemount was the powerful nation of Molaesmyr, in what is now the Greying Wildlands. Through some "strange, not entirely understood cataclysm", the city fell in roughly 585 PD and the surrounding Veluthil Forest, now known as the Savalirwood, was corrupted. The elves scattered in two directions. Some of them went northward and joined Uthodurn, and the others fled westward and founded Bysaes Tyl.[11]

While the elves were able to build their city undiscovered for many years, the Dwendalian crown eventually became aware of their independent city-state and presented them with an ultimatum: accept Dwendalian rule, peacefully or by force. The Ring of Three convened and agreed not to fight but to submit and follow imperial laws and pay Imperial taxes, under the condition that they could maintain some level of cultural autonomy within their city.[4]


  • According to King Imathan Talviel, there might be people in Bysaes Tyl who knew Ludinus Da'leth during his time in Molaesmyr.[12]



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