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Professor Byron Anders[1] was Percy's former tutor. He assisted the Briarwoods in the seizure of Whitestone and became one of Percy's targets for revenge, appearing on The List.

As an NPC in Critical Role, Anders was played by Matthew Mercer. In The Legend of Vox Machina, he is voiced by Stephen Root.[4]



Anders is an older gentleman with short grey hair and a little bit of facial hair. During the battle with Vox Machina in the Critical Role stream, he wore a breastplate.[5]


In the streamed campaign, Byron Anders was a devoted cultist of Vecna and acted as an inside man for the Briarwoods to take Whitestone castle. In the animated series, Byron Anders's betrayal was motivated by his frustration over the ambitions that he believed had been shattered by the de Rolo family, and working under their wing as teacher to the de Rolo children.



Anders was a lesser noble[6] of Whitestone and a tutor to the young Percy prior to the arrival of the Briarwoods. Percy believed that Anders was responsible for letting the Briarwoods capture Whitestone Castle in the night.[7] Waiting for unwelcomed guests, Anders prepared a push-tile, dealing cold damage, and two helmed horrors in the back of the room — ready to receive orders.

Critical Role[]

"Reunions" (1x33)

Jenga by HollyOakhil

Fan art of Vox Machina fighting Anders, by HollyOakhill.[art 2]

While Vox Machina was looking for Cassandra de Rolo in Whitestone Castle, Anders hid in his room, threatening her to be quiet, hoping to avoid the group's attention. They almost passed him by, but Vax heard distant whispers, found out that Percy's sister was in danger, and burst into the room shouting "Jenga". To distract Vox Machina, Anders Dominated Grog and cast Minor Illusion to seemingly cut Cassandra's throat.[8] Nevertheless, Vox Machina managed to prick out both of his eyes and defeated him with Percy delivering the killing shot.

Afterwards, Vax searched the Professor's desk and found a collection of letters describing the Briarwoods' machinations, written in the hand of Lord Riskel Daxio.[9]

The Legend of Vox Machina[]

In The Legend of Vox Machina, Anders was fought in one of the noble manors instead of Whitestone Castle, in place of Count Tylieri, who did not appear. In "Scanbo" (LVM1x07), Anders actually cut Cassandra's throat, precipitating the battle with Vox Machina. Keyleth was able to heal her before joining the battle. Anders used a strange, seemingly-living silver tongue to Dominate the party and turn them against Percy, but Percy was able to distract him by apologizing for his family's perceived slights against him. Percy then used a ricochet shot to shoot out the tongue and end the domination before donning his mask and, surrounded by smoke, kill Anders with a shot to the head. Anders's name faded from The List as the smoke enveloping Percy dissipated.[10]


Character Information[]

Professor Anders - Kileigh Gallagher

Fan art of Professor Anders, by Kileigh Gallagher.[art 3]

Bard Abilities[]

Class Features[]
  • Bard College: Unknown
  • Bardic Inspiration (≥d10)[11]

Bard Spells[]


Notable Items[]


  • Anders: (addressing Cassandra, holding a knife to her throat) "Shh! You be quiet until you're told to speak. They should be close."[18]

Appearances and mentions[]


  • A few months after the Whitestone Rebellion, Percy decided to gift Zahra Hydris the crypt formerly owned by House Anders.[19]
  • He was related to Regae Anders, the man who acted as Grand Purveyor of the Grey Hunt three years before the Briarwoods attacked Whitestone.[20] However, their exact relationship is unknown.
  • Since he ended up becoming the tutor of another noble family, it is likely that Byron did not have a prominent position in the administration of House Anders.
  • It seems that with his death his family became either extinct or without notable presence in Whitestone.
    • Percy defined the Anders family as "forfeit", which doesn't necessarily mean that every member was dead, but in any case they didn't have a presence to oppose the seizure of their mausoleum, and by 836 PD the noble house was considered "long-forgotten" in the city-state.[21]


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