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A bulette is an armored, plated predator that burrows through the earth and emerges to surprise and consume its prey. Commonly referred to as a landshark, the bulette is a fearsome hunter. Its thick carapace makes it very difficult to damage.

A bulette stalked the members of Vox Machina as they ventured into the Underdark. It eventually attempted to seize its prey when it emerged in the midst of a duergar warcamp in the thick of battle.[1] Upon returning to Emon, Vex'ahlia commissioned a blacksmith named Karen to create custom armor for Trinket out of the pieces of carapace harvested from the bulette.[2]

A variation of the bulette called a "magma bulette" was discovered in the underwater volcano Scaldseat. These bulettes were infused with fire and magma, to the point where the heat radiating from their bodies was enough to cause damage. The adult magma bulette was much larger than a standard bulette, able to swallow Grog Strongjaw whole.[3]

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