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Eat. Drink. But be wary, for the empire has come to Xhorhas, bringing damnation with it!
Buhfal II greeting the adventuring party he intends to hire[3]

Ogre Lord Buhfal II is an ogre and acting leader and protector of Urzin while the town's Champion, Sunbreaker Olomon is away.



In 795 PD Buhfal's father and leader of Urzin, Ogre Lord Buhfal I, was killed by Sunbreaker Olomon after the Kryn warrior issued a challenge for leadership of the mobile city. Ever since, Buhfal II proudly takes the role of Urzin's leader and protector when Olomon is away.[4]

Unwelcome Spirits[]

In 835 PD during the War of Ash and Light, Bol'bara, a goblin warlock, elder seer, and trusted councilor to Buhfal, disappeared after a routine trip into Brokenveil Marsh. Buhfal and his advisores suspected that the nearby Imperial outpost was responsible for her kidnapping. However, he knew that sending the goblinkin that lived in Urzin to advance on the fort would result in reprisal, so he sought outside help.[5]

Three days after Bol'bara's disappearace, Buhfal hired an adventuring party that had come into town, offering them a reward of 200 gold pieces for Bol'bara's return, as well as promised to provide "premium weapons", which were actually of rather shoddy quality. After being outfitted with necessary provisions, he sent the party on their way into the marsh, guided by the hobgoblin scout Morgid.[3]


Bol'bara is Buhfal's most trusted councilor.

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