Watchmaster Bryce Feelid is a genderfluid[1] half-elf guard. They serve as a watchmaster for the Crownsguard in Alfield. As an NPC, they are played by Matthew Mercer.



They have elven features, shoulder-length blond hair, were adorned in somewhat ornate armor with a helmet when the party first encountered them, and wield a morning star in battle. [2]




When the Mighty Nein arrived in Alfield, Bryce was in their fourth year as Watch Master of Alfield.[3]

They had at one point spent three years in the West Outersteads of Zadash, and it was from there that they had joined the crownsguard and sent to Bladegarden for training.

"The Open Road" (2x05)

While exchanging volleys with the gnolls during the attack on Alfield, Watch Master Bryce sustained injuries to their midsection and thigh area. Hunkered down behind a wall with four crownsguard, they received medical attention, cursing in pain through gritted teeth as bandages were applied to their wounds.

Seeing the party approaching, weapons out and able-bodied, Bryce recruited the party to dispatch the gnolls, promising compensation at a rate of 30 gold pieces per gnoll ear. After the battle, they paid the party for their aid and arranged for their night's lodging at the Feed and Mead Tavern, guaranteeing that their stay would be paid for as long as they were helping deal with the aftermath of the gnoll attack.

"The Howling Mines" (2x06)

After discussing the events that led up to the gnoll attack and discussing information that they had acquired about the gnoll from research and scout reports, Watch Master Bryce tasked the party to go out and save the people abducted during the attack. They offered to pay 30 gold pieces per set of gnoll ears, 25 gold per survivor rescued and 10 gold for each dead villager recovered for families to bury.[4]

"Beyond the Boundaries" (2x32)

Returning to Alfield, they caught up with Bryce. They introduced them to Caduceus Clay, informed them about Mollymauk's departure and went drinking to hear about how Alfield was recovering and how the war was going.

"Homeward Bound" (2x48)

Briefly passing through Alfield, the Mighty Nein spoke with Bryce. They informed them about the recent attack on Felderwin. They seemed worried about Alfield's safety given its close proximity to Felderwin, but hoped the Xhorhasians would ignore it due to its small size and lack of tactical advantage to the Dwendalian Empire.

"Domestic Respite" (2x62)

While in Rosohna, Jester contacts Bryce through a sending spell. She asks about the possibility of them transporting Luc Brenatto to Marion Lavorre in Nicodranas. Bryce explains that they are still watching over Luc and Edith, but that they have responsibilities in Alfield. They do offer to send them to Nicodranas on their own, but the Mighty Nein decide against this plan.

"Between the Lines" (2x78)

While travelling through Alfield on their way to Zadash, the Mighty Nein learn that Bryce is no longer located in Alfield. Instead, they have been relocated to Bladegarden for the time being, to aid in the war effort.


Fan art of Bryce Feelid in Alfield, by Zoe Roellin.[art 2]

Starosta Kosh

Watchmaster Bryce didn't like the "Dwendalian political bullshit"-type decisions that Starosta Kosh made in the aftermath of the gnoll attack.

Claudia Sheed

A friend of theirs from their time living in Zadash. She used to own a tavern called The Leaky Tap.

Character Information


Unless otherwise noted, the following abilities are assumed from the standard Dungeons & Dragons materials:

Half-Elf abilities

  • Darkvision
  • Fey Ancestry
  • Skill Versatility

Notable Items

  • Somewhat ornate armor with a helmet [5]
  • Morning star [6]




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