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Bromkiln Byway

Official map of the Bromkiln Byway and surroundings, by Deven Rue.[art 1]

The Bromkiln Byway is a well-traveled road[1] leading through the Dwendalian Empire from Deastok to Berleben.[2]


Deastok to The Amber Road[]

Amber Road Crossing[]

A few hours north of Zadash, the road crosses the Amber Road[3][2] and continues further to the east through the Labenda Swamp straight to Berleben.[4]

Empire Roadmap

A Road Map of the Empire

Amber Road to The Labenda Swamp[]

To the east of the crossing, a mile off the road, is a small valley[5] past one of the larger hills.[6] In this valley is a small tanner's shack nestled between a small cluster of trees, some natural rock formations,[7] and the edge of a small forest.[8] Further down the road is a small forest two to three miles in diameter.[9]

Between the tanner's shack and the swamp, three miles off the road, is a tall, lightning-blasted tree. Its top was cleaved down the center and part of it had splintered and exploded into multiple pieces. There were chunks of wood around the vicinity.[10]

The Silberquel Ridge and the Labenda Swamp could be seen from the hills along the road.[11]

The Tanner's Shack[]

The shack was about 20' by 20' in size, with walls made out of simple masonry and stones.[12] It had a ramshackle roof, weathered over time into a downward curve[13] and topped with a brick chimney.[14] It had two doors, one at the front locked with a large metal rod,[15] and one at the back.[16] The shack had one window at the front with no glass in it.[17] On the outside was a tanning easel, and a wood chopping block with an axe embedded and left in it, with couple of pieces of firewood off to the side.[18] At the back of the shack, cured and salted meats hung from the roof.[19]

The inside of the shack was fairly bare, but hanging from the walls were lots of skinned and cured furs from wolves, badgers, and other different creatures. There was a handmade piece of hide armor that had been recently stained.[20]

The Tanner

The Tanner by OrcBarbies

Fan art of the unnamed orc on the Bromkiln Byway, by OrcBarbies.[art 2]

The tanner was an elderly full-blood orc. He had tangled grey coarse hair like a crown around the top of his head that hung down to his chest. A foot-long beard around his chin ended at the bottom of his sternum. He was muscular and hunched, with thick weathered and wrinkled grey-green skin. Two heavy tusks protruded from underneath his lower jaw. His eyes were sunken and bloodshot with yellow sclera.[21]

Labenda Swamp to Berleben[]

The grasses give way to wetter terrain leading to the darkened, tangled, thick swamp of Labenda. The normal dry ground, after a rain, becomes sludgy.[22]

The road was designed not to sink with the rest of the swamp material, as it sees a lot of travel. Nevertheless, when the Mighty Nein passed through, the ground beside the road was very spongy.[23] Along the road were sparse branch canopies with light coming through.[24]

The Bromkiln Byway eventually leads into the central district of Berleben.[25]



"The Gentleman's Path" (2x19)[]

After accepting the Gentleman's task to check on the safe house in the Labenda Swamp, the Mighty Nein took the Bromkiln Byway to Berleben. On the second night they were attacked by a bandit group consisting of two ogres, eight goblins and three wolves. After defeating the bandits, they continued to the Labenda Swamp.

"Labenda Awaits" (2x20)[]


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