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Arbiter Brom Goldhand is a human member of the Tal'Dorei Council, the former captain of the guard, the Master of Law, and the head of the Watchful Hall. As an NPC, Brom is played by Matthew Mercer.



In 810 PD, Brom is a built and armored man, the tallest of the Tal'Dorei Council. He has a thick square jaw that is unshaven[3] with short black hair. He suffered extensive burn scars from the Chroma Conclave's attack on Emon.[4]

By 836 PD, Brom's hair has turned gray and he maintains a stoic lack of expression.[5]




Brom Goldhand took up his position in the Tal'Dorei Council three months before he met Vox Machina. The position had previously been held by General Krieg.[6]

"Shopping and Shipping" (1x14)[]

Arbiter Brom Goldhand was present during the discussion of what to do with the Horn of Orcus Vox Machina brought from the Underdark. He wanted to have it studied at the Alabaster Lyceum,[7] although wasn't against having it shipped to Vasselheim.[8]

"Consequences and Cows" (1x26)[]

The day after Vox Machina's first encounter with the Briarwoods, Brom Goldhand was present at their meeting with Sovereign Uriel. He took out a holy symbol of Ioun and cast Zone of Truth over the party to ensure that none of them would lie in their testimonies, however most of them were able to resist its effects.[9]

"In Ruins" (1x41)[]

Shaun Gilmore told Vox Machina that Brom Goldhand had been killed by the Chroma Conclave during their attack on Emon, having witnessed him being seemingly burnt to death by dragonfire.[10]

"Clash at Daxio" (1x77)[]

Several months later, Brom reappeared in Whitestone at a council meeting atop the Ziggurat. He seemed to be in fairly good health, although most of his body was covered in terrible burns.[11]

836 PD[]

Decades later, during the time period of Campaign Two, Brom was still on the Tal'Dorei Council as Master of Law.[12]

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