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The Brokenveil Bluffs are a region of sheer cliff faces and cracked, broken rock between the Ashkeeper Peaks and the Dunrock Mountains. At the north end, the pass is guarded by the Rockguard Garrison, and at the south, by the Ashguard Garrison.[1][2] The valleys and low places of the area create the Brokenveil Marsh.


The mountains between Western and Eastern Wynandir were at one time continuous, but were sundered during the Calamity, creating the two passes which are now the only land routes between Xhorhas and the Dwendalian Empire.[2] The inhospitable and difficult-to-traverse region of the Brokenveil formed a natural barrier between the Dwendalian Empire and the Kryn Dynasty of Xhorhas for many years. However, it became the location of two major battles of the War of Ash and Light between the two nations, as the Ashguard Garrison was first taken by the Kryn[3] and then retaken by the Empire.[4]


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