You see, that was sold to me naught but, uhhh, seven or eight months ago by a Gerald Kingsman, a fellow, uh, fisherman who comes over here from Brokenbank occasionally and provides all sorts of strange findings [...]

Brokenbank is a coastal settlement located on the island of the same name in the Menagerie Coast of Wildemount[4] and one of eight cities in the Clovis Concord.[5] The town is important to the trade business of the Menagerie Coast, being the Coast's first major entry port[4] and trade junction,[5] where most trade ships and shipping vessels check in to resupply and submit to official inspection before any of the coastal ports. Because it lacks the "strong cultural identity" of the mainland city-states of the Menagerie Coast, Brokenbank is not recognized by the Clovis Concord as an "official" city. Because of this, Brokenbank does not have a marquis, so the town is run by the portcaller.[1]

Society and culture


In 835 PD, Brokenbank has a population of 1,520, 74% of which are Human, 9% Tabaxi, 6% Dwarves and 11% comprised of other races. There is also a "constantly shifting clientele" of sailors and merchants.[4]

Notable individuals

Name Type Description
Mazin Fahreed NPC A neutral-aligned male Tabaxi and the portcaller of Brokenbank.[5]
Gerald Kingsman NPC A fisherman known to do business with "all sorts of strange findings".[6]
Aldageam NPC A female Sea Elf druid and Brokenbank's apothecary.[7]

Government and defense

Because Brokenbank is not officially recognized by the Clovis Concord, it is not led by a marquis. Instead, the position of leadership de facto falls to the portcaller. The current portcaller is a male Tabaxi named Mazin Fahreed, who performs the same duties as a marquis, only without the title or the respect that comes with it. Fahreed leads a garrison of personal Zhelezo soldiers that maintains peace, aids port inspectors, and cross-reference all documentation to maintain the reputations of Brokenbank and its shipping guilds. There is also a small militia of volunteers, comprised of fishermen and ex-military locals.[4]

Minor power struggles occur with local business leaders.[4]

Commerce and organizations

Brokenbank is a part of the Clovis Concord and the first major entry port and trade junction of the Menagerie Coast, where most ships check in to resupply be inspected before traveling to any of the coastal ports.[1]

In Brokenbank, "basic supplies" are available but sources are limited to a few inns and places of trade. Rarer goods are occasionally brought in by merchant sailors.[4] New arrivals of sailors and merchants, arriving after many weeks at sea, often led to "fruitful and rowdy nights" in taverns and brothels.[1]

Brokenbank is too small to support independent guilds. Instead, internal commerce is controlled by large businesses.[1]


Only shrines scattered throughout Brokenbank exist, as opposed to any full temples.[1]

Law and crime

Sailors who arrive with goods often attempt to engage in skimming, which is typically overlooked and considered "normal" unless it interferes with business. Less acceptable acts include stealing from other ships in port before setting sail. Petty thievery is apparently a problem, to the extent that the Zhelezo must cross-reference all documentation to maintain Brokenbank's reputation.[1]

Agents of the Myriad are active in Brokenbank, where they seek to blackmail material against Portcaller Mazin Fahreed.[1]

Each member of the pirate faction the Revelry known to the Clovis Concord is considered a major criminal whose bounty increases with every infraction. Those arrested are generally executed and strapped to the rocks outside Brokenbank as a warning.


One known song native to Brokenbank was a folk ballad titled "Song of Dashilla the Dreadful", which described the sea fury Dashilla.[8]

City description

Brokenbank is a muddy and rain-slick village[9] located on an island of the same name. It maintains docks and a port that consists of a curved main street that follows the shape of the island, forming a stretched half-circle facing the ocean to the north.[1]

Points of interest


"Dark Waters" (2x98)

When Mighty Nein member Caduceus Clay visited Seafloor's Bounty in Nicodranas, he inquired of shopkeeper Sheila Bobsnopper about a magical Wind Fan on display. Bobsnopper recalled that the fan was sold to her seven or eight months prior by a fisherman named Gerald Kingsman who occasionally travels from Brokenbank to sell "all sorts of strange findings".[10]




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