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The Briarwood letters are a collection of letters written by Riskel Daxio in correspondence with Byron Anders, detailing the activities of the Briarwoods during their Occupation of Whitestone between 805 and 810 PD. Although only one was signed, they were all written in the same hand. During the Whitestone Rebellion, Vox Machina found the letters in Anders's desk inside his office in Whitestone Castle.[1]

Descriptions of letters' contents
  • The removal of magical defenses from political meetings in Emon.
  • Construction methods using whitestone for repairs of the manse in the Ziggurat.
  • Warnings to Anders of the arrival of Seeker Assum's spies in Whitestone.
  • Plots to divert political attention away from Whitestone.
  • The planting of information in Wildemount to lead investigators to believe that the Briarwoods are dead.
  • Mentions that "the Undying King shall return. We are his blood".
  • The construction of the bridge to between Tal'Dorei and Wildemount across the Shearing Channel, signed by Lord Riskel Daxio.


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