Brian Wayne Foster is the host of Talks Machina. He is also a writer, poet, and singer/songwriter. He is the author of Blackened White, a best-selling series of short stories and poetry. His first EP of original music titled Odessa was released the following year.

He is currently engaged to Ashley Johnson.



  • On Talks Machina, Brian likes to "#ThankMyGuests" with names that are either mispronounced or wordplay that sounds close to their names. He also does the same when crediting himself. Here are the names for Brian Wayne Foster so far:
    • Crying Game Foster
    • Friar Boston
    • Buy Him Plain Pasta
    • Liam O’Brian Wayne Jody Foster
    • Affordable Chris Hardwick
    • Crying Jody Foster
    • Brian N. Faster
    • Buying Wine Faster
    • Bananas Strain Faster
    • Brian “It’s Actually Five Attacks” Foster
    • Brian "the host makes me wanna gouge my eyes out" Foster
    • Buyin' Plain Lobster
    • That Gen Con Outfit Was Bananas Foster
    • Biting Wench Fondler
    • Bring Doublemint Frosties
    • Blindspot, Wrap Faster
    • Bardic Lovin' Rasta
    • I'm Astray Without Her
    • Swearin’ Away Off Screen
    • Cryin' Where Are You Yasha* One More Round of Trost, Sir
    • Would You Like To Buy Some Drugs Officer
    • Crying, Lame Hoster
    • Supplyin Laughs For You Monsters
    • Lying About Parole Officer
    • This is the closest Ashley has sat to me
    • Mall Cops Watch Harder
    • Drow in Waterways Hostile
    • Logic Went Platinum!
    • Acid Champagne Quaffer
    • Paddling Way Faster
    • Dryin' Whiskey Coaster
    • I'm Sorry My Cabbage Jokes Lost Ya
    • Please Sir Can I Talk Some More
    • Arsequeef's Soft Serve
    • Likin' My Posture
    • Addin’ Cali to the Roster
    • The Last of Us 2 Should Come Faster
    • Projectile Tears Cost Extra
    • Had Ashley, but Lost 'er



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