Brenatto's Voltaic Bolt is a spell created by Veth Brenatto. It is cast on a crossbow bolt as a bonus action prior to firing it, providing 3d6 additional lightning damage if the shot hits.[3]



  • Shortly before the first appearance of the spell, Sam was complaining that Liam only names spells after Caleb.


  1. The spell was created when Veth was a level 12 Arcane Trickster, and as such only had 1st and 2nd level spell slots.
  2. See "A Heart Grown Cold" (2x113) at 1:12:47.  Veth uses Voltaic Bolt and Sam references using a 3rd level slot, but may have been upcasting.
  3. 3.0 3.1 See "The Ruined Sliver" (2x104) at 2:15:10.  Veth accidentally shoots herself with her own spell, dealing 4d6 damage, 1d6 of which was the crossbow bolt.
  4. As an Arcane Trickster, Veth learns Wizard spells.


  1. Fan art of Veth casting Brenatto's Voltaic Bolt, by Austin Dawes (source).  Used with permission.
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