The Bramblewood Forest, or simply the Bramblewood, is a thick forest that surrounds Westruun in a crescent shape along the north, west, and south sides. To the northwest, the Bramblewood also skirts the base of the Cliffkeep Mountains, including the formidable Gatshadow Mountain. The trees range from gargantuan willows to a family of hardwood, thorn-covered oak-like trees (hence the name).[1]


Travelling through the heart of the Bramblewood off the often pre-cut paths can prove dangerous, as the forest tends to contract and swallow unused trails rather quickly. Some rather dangerous beasts do reside within and occasionally wander beyond the borders of the forest, and most folks know better than to enter the Bramblewood unless absolutely necessary.[1]

However, the Bramblewood does seem relatively safe in comparison to, for example, the Frostweald. After Vox Machina slew Umbrasyl, Kerrek sent a few townsfolk with carts through the forest to retrieve the town's treasure from the dragon's lair at the peak of Gatshadow.[2] The townsfolk successfully made the round-trip journey without the need of an escort.


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