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The Braan is a small valley within the Penumbra Range where a group of stone giants, including Soorna once lived. The word means “belly” in Giant.[1]


On approach, the Braan appears similar to a large stone fortress built into the mountains of the Penumbra Range. It is sized for its giant inhabitants, and the outside is decorated with leather and bone.[2] Inside, there is an hallway and antechamber that lead to a main chamber, which leads into a T-shaped intersection. To one side is a room for stonecraft, with several sculptures including a stone giant holding a sphere.[3][4] To the other side there is a large pit.[5] Going forward, there is a communal bedroom of stone beds[6] with a well.[7] From there, there is a spiral staircase which leads to a round room smelling of incense, with wall paintings featuring scenes from nature, and a medititation platform.[8]

Notable people[]

Name Type Description
Soorna NPC Giant druid woman who assisted the Mighty Nein


The stone giants lived there until it was infested with chasme, who sucked the life force from many members, and dybbuks who took on their forms. Soorna and the other giants fled to the Deepriver Mining Camp.[9]

The infestation had been caused by a rift to the Abyss opened by one of the Abyssal anchors that had been placed in multiple other locations within Xhorhas. Once the Mighty Nein and Soorna defeated the demons and closed the rift, the stone giants returned to their home.[10]

It was at the Braan that Beau found the piece of blue cloth that permitted Jester to, via Scrying, discover that Vence Nuthaleus had been placing the Abyssal anchors.[11]


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