Bouldergut is an ogre pirate and Captain Avantika's personal bodyguard on board the Squall-Eater. As an NPC, she is played by Matthew Mercer.

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Bouldergut is a massive female ogre with yellowed teeth and greasy gray hair that falls in her face. She wears a simple leather tunic, and wields a large greatclub made from the mast of a ship.[1][2]

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Bouldergut is simple minded but obedient and loyal, particularly to Captian Avantika. She often comes across as jovial and even friendly despite her fearsome appearance, but shows great enthusiasm for acts of violence when given the chance. As an ogre she is often used as an enforcer and muscle by the crew due to her size and strength.

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Prior to meeting the Mighty Nein, Bouldergut had served under Avantika as her bodyguard for approximately a decade. Avantika claims Bouldergut fell into her service towards the start of her pirate career.[3]

"Dangerous Liaisons" (2x37) Edit

Alongside Vera, Bouldergut is one of the pirates from the Squall-Eater who initially board The Mistake off the coast of Urukayxl.[4] After the Mighty Nein (In disguise) find themselves being sent from their ship to meet with Captain Avantika, Bouldergut is ordered to remain on The Mistake and oversee its crew whilst they travel to shore and make emergency repairs to the ship's damaged hull.[5]

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Ogre Abilities Edit

  • Darkvision
  • Multiattack[6]

Notable Items Edit

  • Greatclub[7] - Made from the whittled down mast of a ship.

Quotations Edit

  • Bouldergut: "(Growl) To Shore"
    Travis ooc: "J-J-Jesus"[8]
  • Nott: "Hello"
    Bouldergut: "All hands on deck, company meeting"
    Nott: "On the deck of the ship?"
    Bouldergut: "Ye...(Ponders)...Yes"[9]
  • Bouldergut: "Go to sleep!!! Don't hurt my friends"[10]

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