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Boroftkrah is located at the southern edge of the Rime Plains and at the base of the eastern Dunrock Mountains. It has a large population of orcs and half-orcs, who survive by hunting on the Rime Plains[2] and are distinguished by their rejection of Gruumsh and their dedication to Kord.[3]


The town is made to be mobile: it is a large collection of tents, organized into circle-shaped neighborhoods, surrounded by a tall fence of wooden pikes. There is a shrine to Kord in the center of town. Scattered holding pens contain worgs and giant boars that are trained as mounts.[4]


In 835 PD, Boroftkrah has a population of 3,060, and every able-bodied citizen is trained in combat to be able to defend the settlement. The racial breakdown of the city is 70% orcs, 17% half-orcs, and 13% people of other races who prove themselves strong in the eyes of Kord.[5]

According to Wursh, tattoos have ceremonial meaning in Boroftkrah.[6] He described its inhabitants as proud and good people in contrast to some of the other orc clans (such as the Jez-Araz) in the Wildlands.[7]

During thunderstorms, Boroftkrah engages in competitive games to honor Kord until the storm passes.[8]

Notable People[]

Name Type Description
Wursh NPC A half-orc blacksmith in Rosohna.[9]



After Gruumsh was banished during the Calamity, the orcs he had created were leaderless and scattered. Some of the Odakar clan in the Ashkeeper Peaks broke off and migrated north. There was a bloody schism: a new band of orc marauders called the Jez-Araz arose and sought greater conquests, the surviving champions of the Odakar clan rejected Gruumsh's influence and found inspiration in Kord. They formed the community of Boroftkrah and diverted their supposed love of war toward surviving the harsh elements of the Rime Plains.[10]

After the Uthodurnians tried to found the town of Uraliss and abandoned the effort, the orcs of Boroftkrah made use of some of the remains of the ghost town, though they avoid the haunted temple to Moradin.[11]


  • According to the dual monarchs of Uthodurn, the orcs of the Odakar clan of Boroftkrah have a good relationship with their community, and are willing to help those who are allies of the city.[12]
  • Boroftkrah is featured in the "Encounter of the Week" article DDB Storm Celebration on D&D Beyond. The article is based on the adventure hook of the same name from the Explorer's Guide to Wildemount. The article expands upon Boroftkrah, including giving names to the members of the Runemarked. The article, however, is non-canonical.


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