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The Boots of Spider Climbing are boots which permit the wearer to cast the spell Spider Climb on themselves, with no need for concentration.


Someone wearing the boots may cast Spider Climb on themselves, which lasts an hour and does not require concentration when cast in this way.[1]


Vox Machina looted the boots from a pit fiend killed by Scanlan in the City of Brass.[2] After Keyleth identified their purpose, Percy claimed them.[3]

Percy first used the boots in the fight against Thordak and used them to get a better vantage point.[4] He frequently used them outside of combat: on the Island of Viscan to counteract the Reverse Gravity effect over the chasm by sticking to the bridge;[5] in Pandemonium, with Vox Machina transformed into birds in his pockets, to make it easier to descend a steep cliff in the wind;[6] and to get above water while restrained after Sylas Briarwood threw him and Vex'ahlia into the ocean at their wedding rehearsal.[7]


  • The Boots of Spider Climbing are similar but not identical to the Slippers of Spider Climbing. The slippers permit the wearer to climb upside-down or vertically at all times, rather than just for an hour; however, they cannot be used to stick to slippery surfaces.[8] The boots have no such limitation.
  • Keyleth mentions that these boots might have been created by the Ashari.[1]


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