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Bol'bara is a goblin warlock and elder seer of Urzin.



Bol'bara is an elder of the mobile village of Urzin. She was alive during the reign of Ogre Lord Buhfal I, and acts as seer and chief loremaster for the town. She also is one of the most trusted councilors to Buhfal II, who rules in the absence of Urzin's Champion, Sunbreaker Olomon.[3]

Unwelcome Spirits[]

In 835 PD during the War of Ash and Light, Bol'bara journeyed out of the village within Brokenveil Marsh to a ritual stone in order to gather spell components and commune with her patron, the shadow demon Trush. However, Bol'bara was captured by a garrison of Righteous Brand soldiers lead by the Imperial Inquisitor Parson Pellinost, and taken to the Imperial outpost Fort Venture for questioning and torture. With her rite interrupted, Bol'bara became host to Trush.[4]

At Fort Venture, Pellinost, a cultist of Vesh the Bloody Siren tortured Bol'bara by killing her each day then resurrecting her with the spell Revivify. On the third day of this torture, Bol'bara became fully possessed by Trush. With this power granted, the demon-possessed goblin was given enough power to kill Pellinost and wreak havoc across Fort Venture and escape, killing everyone at the fort save for another prisoner, Alonne Frith.[5]

After escaping the fort, Bol'bara led a path of destruction back through the Brokenveil Marsh towards Urzin. Possessed by a demon, she craved only destruction in this state. When found by the adventuring party that Buhfal II hired to recover her, they could with great difficulty attempt to reason with Trush to relinquish Bol'bara. Instead they could also knock the goblin unconscious and quickly revived her, after which her possession would end.[6]

Character information[]

Notable items[]


Goblin abilities[]

  • Darkvision[2]
  • Nimble Escape[2]

Warlock abilities[]

  • Otherworldy Patron: The Fiend
    • Dark One's Blessing[2]
  • Eldritch Invocations
    • Agonizing Blast[2]
    • Armor of Shadows (cast Mage Armor at will)[2]
    • Fiendish Vigor (cast False Life at will)[2]

Possessed abilities[]

While possessed by Trush, Bol'bara becomes chaotic evil has the following abilities:

  • Legendary Actions (2/round)[2]
    • Incorporeal Dash: Bol'bara can move through creatures and objects. Ending her turn in an object causes her to take force damage.[2]
    • Zone of Calamity (costs 2 actions): Creatures that start their turn within 15 feet of Bol'bara must make a DC 12 Wisdom save or be effected as though by the Confusion spell. The zone lasts for one minute and requires Bol'bara's concentration.[2]

Warlock spells[]

  • Eldritch Blast[2]
  • Mage Hand[2]
  • Hold Person[2]
  • Invisibility[2]

Appearances and mentions[]


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