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A bodak is an undead creature with a deadly gaze.


The bodak encountered by the Mighty Nein had a hood-shrouded humanoid body with long arms beneath a brown, tattered robe. The skin had a dark gray rubbery texture. There were black, gem-like shines in its sunken eye sockets, and no nose. Its mouth was a large, open, dragging, gaping, black, void maw.[2] It was a strange, elongated, fleshy undead grey entity, with a rotted shawl resting over the top part of its torso. Its elongated howling mouth of darkness made a sucking gasping sound.[3]


  • Aura of Annihilation[1]: Members of the Mighty Nein in the bodak's proximity automatically took eight necrotic damage each round.[4]
  • Death Gaze[1]: Standing directly in front of the creature looking into its face, on a failed constitution saving throw Beauregard was immediately dropped to zero hit points and was unconscious.[5]
  • Withering Gaze[1]: On a failed constitution saving throw, Fjord took 48 points of necrotic damage from the creature after it turned its head to look at him.[6]


The Mighty Nein encountered and fought a creature matching the description of a bodak on Rumblecusp.[7]


When the yet-to-be-named Bells Hells were attempting to sneak into the Moon Tower in Jrusar, Laudna created a Silent Image of a flower girl with no eyes and jaw, similar to a bodak, to distract a guard. The guard fainted when he saw it, similar to a bodak's Death Gaze.[8]


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