Fan art of a cold morning in Blumenthal, by James.[art 2]

Blumenthal is a small township located in the Dwendalian Empire near Rexxentrum,[2] and the hometown of Caleb Widogast.[3]

City Description

Blumenthal is Rexxentrum's main source of produce and meat and therefore a major agricultural center. The government owns the fields and orchards which produce cold-weather crops and livestock. The families chosen to tend to the land are paid by the Crown to gather their goods and deliver them to the gates of the capital. Because its food is critical to the survival of Rexxentrum, Blumenthal is well-guarded by dozens of watchtowers and a large contingent of watchful Crownsguard.[1]



The racial make up of Blumenthal is 71% human, 12% dwarf, 11% elf, and 6% other races. As of 835 PD, the population is 3,850.[1]

Notable People


Points of Interest




The word Blumenthal is very similar to the German word "Blumental", which means "flower valley".


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