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Blumenthal - James

Fan art of a cold morning in Blumenthal, by James.[art 2]

Blumenthal is a small township located in the Dwendalian Empire near Rexxentrum,[2] and is the hometown of Caleb Widogast.[3]


Blumenthal is a beautiful but humble village[4] located southeast of Rexxentrum that produces most of the food for city. As a result, much of the town's farmland, pastures, and orchards are government-owned, which is at times a source of discontent for the people of Blumenthal; while they are well-compensated, they do not own the land they work and it is difficult to escape the Crown's scrutiny. Others, however, appreciate the increased safety from the Crownsguard and the promise of rewards for families who work the same plots from generation to generation.[1]

Caleb grew up in farmhouse described as humble and warm. After its destruction, it was replaced by a new house built by a different family, although it was modified and later destroyed by Trent Ikithon in an attempt to manipulate Caleb.[5]


Blumenthal, like most Empire settlements, has an appointed starosta; however, Starosta Judus Olessia's governance is often circumvented by direct rulings from the Crown. Starosta Olessia frequently works with the kingdom Argonomist, June Wiston, in the interest of the people of Blumenthal, since the town's importance is an agricultural one.


The racial makeup of Blumenthal is 71% human, 12% dwarf, 11% elf, and 6% other races. As of 835 PD, the population is 3,850.[1]

Notable People[]


  • The word Blumenthal is very similar to the German word "Blumental", which means "flower valley".
  • Blumenthal does sound like Bloemendaal if said with a German accent. Bloemendaal is a place in The Netherlands.
  • Despite being a small village during the apogee solstice of 843 PD its inhabitants witnessed a battle involving a an ancient white dragon (Caleb in the form of Gelidon), a halfling riding a giant T-Rex (Luc Brenatto riding a Polymorphed and Enlarged Simulacrum of Caleb), and an abyssal monster (Omentis, Scion of Ruin). Those who survived said battle, however, got the chance to participate in a victory feast celebrated by their once-neighbor Caleb in his magical tower, making it a massive celebration, with thousands of diners.[6]



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