• Nightwhisper13

    Over the course of the wiki's existence, many different changes have been made to how pages are formatted. As we Critters find time to tackle bringing old pages up-to-date and adding new pages thanks to the continuation of Critical Role, a certain level of consistency is appreciated. So here is one person's attempt to summarizing how the Critical Role Wiki should be stylized!

    Note: Feel free to comment with your additions or even turn this into an actual page on the wiki so others can edit as wiki style continues to evolve. This is a work in progress, but hopefully, this will give new editors some confidence in how the wiki should look. :)

    The creation of a new page only is necessary for the people either preparing for or writing down the nex…

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  • GamesWithGrace

    This post is mostly just me triple checking: I haven't seen encounter charts in the Explorer's Guide to Wildemount, but I wanted to make sure that no one else has found something that I'm missing.

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  • Nightwhisper13

    Hello! I'm going through the "backlog" currently, C1 stuff, and I'm looking for places to do grammar trawling as well as reference trawling. I have seen discussions over past tense or present tense, and I would like to clarify where we use either. Feel free to correct me, add on to, whatever.

    • Episode summaries (the pages themselves)
    • NPC pages
    • Locations that do exist

    • Episode summaries on other pages
    • NPC pages (confirmed dead)
    • Locations that no longer exist
    • Items (confirmed destroyed)

    • Character pages
    • Groups (both still existing and disbanded/destroyed)
    • Syngorn (Location that does not exist as original but exists in the Feywild; currently written in past-tense)
    • Items (present tense even if the status is unknown?)

    Having a definitive answer from the commu…

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  • OccidentalAvian

    • The original Cerberus Assembly is formed.
    • Raven Queen ascends of godhood, annihilating previous god of death.
    • Archmage Vecna achieves lichdom, creates city of Thar Amphala in the Shadowfell.
    • Archmage Vespin Chloras unseals Betrayer Gods.
    • Betrayer Gods construct Ghor Dranas, Torog creates vast tunnels beneath Wildemount.
    • Vasselheim is besieged by forces of the Betrayers, is nearly destroyed, but remains.

    • Bane transforms the dranassar into goblinoids.
    • Corellon battles Gruumsh, stabbing out his eye. The fallen blood of Gruumsh mutates a number of elves into orcs. Other elves are fused with their horses, creating centaurs.
    • Melora battles Bane in the Beynsfal Plateau, where Bane is defeated and his armor cast to the ground.
    • Melora battles Zehir in the L…

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  • Dexcuracy

    Timestamp updating project

    December 20, 2019 by Dexcuracy

    Hey editors!

    As some of you may have noticed, the VODs for Campaign 2, Episode 20 up to Episode 51 have been moved from the Geek & Sundry channel to the Critical Role channel. In doing this, they edited out the break, which means all timestamps from these episodes post-break are now incorrect. We have created a temporary page to aid in updating this discrepancy. Any help is appreciated!


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  • ATK1734

    That's not on!!

    November 15, 2019 by ATK1734

    So, over the course of the last several months, I have been working towards getting the badge for 200 consecutive days. In actuality, this is my third attempt at it: the first time, I missed it due to work obligations, the second time being earlier this year (due to a tree falling and cutting my electricity)...both of these were unfortunate, unforseeable, things that couldn't be helped and I was bummed about missing out each time.

    However, THIS morning, I'm calling shenanigans or something. I got up and did my usual edit (like clockwork) and with only 19 days left to go, find that I'm back starting at one again (even though I did my edit yesterday as well)!!

    If any admins or system managers are reading this, I would like to have those return…

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  • LynnE216

    As everyone's aware, CR has some of the best and most prolific fan artists around, and their frequently breath-taking pieces add a tremendous amount both to the show, and to this wiki. But adding those art pieces here can seem really complicated at first. There are two possible pathways: 1) The wiki already has a blanket permission from the artist to use their artwork; and 2) We don't.

    Pathway One is WAY easier, so let's start there.

    • Step 1: Confirm Permission.

    Easiest way I've found is when I see artwork I think would make a good addition, I search the wiki for "art by (Artist Name)". Sometimes I have to try a couple of names, since artists go by twitter handles, names, tumblr accounts, and nicknames. If something pops up, go to the Category…

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  • ATK1734

    PART 1:

    With Jericho, the Balor turned Primordial Titan, dead at their feet and the remainder of the Rings of Oblivion sealed within another dimension within Fenrir’s mansion, the treasonous Cogsworth and his master: The Father of Machines retreated into the forest. The Members of Brazen Storm and their surviving comrades all cheered victoriously! As they prepared a celebration, Fenrir and Grimsby overseeing a noble pyre for Aeriel and the World Serpent, Dilista, Tikki, Hawk and Nobody retired to a more private environment.

    However, during the throes of passion, an odd sensation overwhelmed the Tiefling Bard. A mindless aggression set in, causing her to lash out at her bedfellows.

    When morning light came, Dilista awoke, restored to her senses. Ho…

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  • Aaron Larsen

    I love the Periodic Table.  No, I wasn’t a chemistry major, but there’s just something about the orderliness the well-thought-out structure and the way that each tile on it encodes so much cool information on each element that has always caused me to think that it was one of the neatest inventions of modern science.  So one day I came up with the cool idea of creating a “Periodic Table of the Deities” illustrating some of the key relationships between the all of the major (and at least most of the minor) deities in the Exandria campaign world as a way to help the whole system make more sense.  Hence I created the table below:

    Note that each “tile” encodes a number of key bits of information in addition to a name and symbol:

    1. The inner bord…

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  • Aaron Larsen

    Concerning the Abundant Terrace/ The Birtheart: There seems to be some confusion on the issue of which is the name of the district as a whole and which is the name of the temple at its heart. (..And I've discovered that different articles have it different at present. So which is which?

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  • ATK1734

    Hello everybody, I've got another announcement to make and it is in regards towards "The Intrepid Tales of Brazen Storm."

    Sadly, there will only be one final post about our adventures in Exandria. Given that one of the core members of our group has had to take a haitus and our Exandria campaign has been on haitus for nearly 8 months, we have since agreed that it would be wrong to continue without him. Thus, our next session log will be our last.

    Dragon (the DM of our game) has informed me that, due to our victory over Jericho (the Balor turned Primordial Titan), we actually foiled the "big bad's" plot to unleash the long feared Essence of Destruction. Because of this, we have elected to take this as a victory and finish the campaign as it is…

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  • ATK1734

    Exciting new update!

    July 28, 2019 by ATK1734

    Hey everybody! I know it's been a while since the last "Intrepid Tales" post, but our group has had some new changes happen. As the Exandria game has been put on a slight hold, we've since started a new game (DM'ed by our very own Dilista!) and have been having a ball playing in that scenario!

    Given that it wouldn't be appropriate to post non-CR related material on a CR based fan-site, we are now setting up our new Tumblr page where we'll be posting D&D material of all kinds! The Intrepid Tales series will be there, logs from our NEW game will be there, and (maybe) you'll even get to see the a completely original class that me, Dragon, and Dilista have created! So come on over and join us at and let's se…

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  • Aaron Larsen

    Icon & Map Update

    July 22, 2019 by Aaron Larsen

    It being a slow-ish time of year for me, work-wise, I thought I'd take the opportunity put together some items I've been meaning to post about here for some time, but just kept not getting around to. All are related to the map/s and info-box icons that I've been creating for the site: 1. Latest Icon Revisions: After getting a bit of feedback and doing some experimenting, I've decided that I think the buffered-yet-thumbnail-less approach is the best looking approach. (For those who are new to the Wikia or haven't seen my previous posts on the subject: The latest icons all have a built-in 3-4 pixel-wide "buffer" built into them so they don't look smashed up against the text. They are meant to be installed "full-sized," on the left, without a …

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  • Scarypantsu


    I just started adding onto this Wiki page. I saw that the LGBTQ+ characters page was kind of empty. I can help fill out for some of the characters from campaign 2 but I need help filling out for those characters from the first campaign. I also need a second opinion on the information I have for the LGBTQ+ characters from campaign 2 just to make sure we can have the correct information posted on here.

    Any help would be appreciated!

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  • DiscipleOfNein

    Sick of it

    June 15, 2019 by DiscipleOfNein

    I find myself perusing the comments section on YouTube after every edition of Critical Role and even more so now that I'm taking an active role in keeping this wiki up to date. To be honest, I tend to read through the comments quite closely mainly because I'm looking for the ubiquitous timestamp comment by Flando Maltrizian whilst researching data for this website.

    Is it just me, or does Marisha come in for huge amounts of shit, complaining that she is not a good player and has 'no right to be at the table'. Even positing that she has a place in the game purely because of to whom she is married.

    As far as I'm concerned, she has EVERY GODDAMNED RIGHT to fill that chair. She is intelligent, after all, one does not employ an imbecile as Creative…

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  • Aaron Larsen

    Now that an actual map of Xhorhas is in play in the campaign, a revised series of maps updated with the new information has been very much on my radar, but I couldn't really get started on any such major new project until school was out. (May is a crazy month for us teacher types...) So, here's the first draft of the new map:

    A few notes:

    1. Yes, it's still rather "rough around the edges": I still have to clean up a good bit of the fuzziness created by my resizing and re-shaping the preliminary drafts to fit together with the rest of the Wildemount map.

    2. Speaking of which, given how near-linear Deven Rue's new Xhorhas map is and how broadly heart-shaped the empire was in her earlier Empire Map, some "bending and twisting" was necessary but …

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  • ATK1734

    The returning heroes of Brazen Storm revel in their return from the Nine Hells; however, Dilista and Fenrir find a particularly warm greeting from their old friend: Glavios. The demi-god informs the party that they have been gone for nearly two months and things are not as right as they left them. Umbrygal Spawn have besieged the Adamantine City, colluding with the machines of an old adversary, and have reduced the warriors of Fenrir’s Long tooth Clan to near ruin. He also informs them of their enemy to the north, having been repelled by the combined efforts of Vorrazeal and Aeriel, but has taken leave of the two and is now heading straight for the Adamantine City (though why he hadn’t simply teleported there, no one seemed certain).

    As the…

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  • ATK1734

    The World Serpent, newest ally of the adventuring party of Brazen Storm, deposits them before a large door and then leaves without another word. Venturing towards the door, they discover that it is locked by a simple handprint. Without any hesitation, Dilista places her hand upon the door, opening it, and leads her comrades as they descend into entropy.

    At long last, our intrepid heroes arrive in the Nine Hells.

    Oblivion. Eternity. Perhaps both and neither at the same time was what met them as they walked down an endless road, enveloped by a realm of endless stars. However, Hawk and Blurp noticed a shape moving in the darkness, though it vanished before they could get a better look.

    Realizing that they are lost and being stalked, Fenrir atte…

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  • ATK1734

    As the Brazen Storm left the sanctity of the fortress the next morning, Fenrir again chose to remain behind and further attune and study his new blade. In his place, the party was aided again by the Werewolf’s servant – Cogsworth, the Adamantine Golem. However, as they readied to set out, they soon found themselves standing across from several reptilian-like cows. Though neither side seemed to know what to do with the other, Grimsby (proving himself once again an invaluable communicator) was able to interpret their peaceful intentions through a combination of pantomime and interpretive dance.

    One of the younger calves, amused by this, took a shine to the Halfling Rogue and joined him at his side. Together, the two new friends led the way, a…

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  • ATK1734

    When Fenrir emerged, at last, from the Fortress, he did not expect to find: his Tabaxi Rogue/Cleric comrade passed out from oxygen deprivation…nor the enormity of the World Serpent charging towards them. However, he least of all expected to find Blurp, an obese Bullywug Wizard with no memory how he arrived at the top of the Iron Mountain.

    Before any of Brazen Storm could question this strangeness, the impending approach of the great snake spurred them into desperation. Dilista spotted a Temple-like structure two miles from their position; grabbing Hawk, Fenrir led the charge.

    Entering inside, the Tiefling Bard and Halfling Rogue too succumbed to the lack of oxygen and collapsed; carried by the Werewolf and Bullywug (who seemed strangely unaff…

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  • ATK1734

    After a long night, the stalwart adventurers of Brazen Storm prepare to leave the Pirate Island. Fenrir, needing time to attune to the Abishai Captain’s sword, elected to remain within the Mansion to do so, entrusting his care to Dilista. However, he sends Cogsworth, one of his many Golems, to accompany the three in his stead.

    Clambering aboard Kanopus, who is still feeling the hasted effects of Spice, the party departs at top speed reaching the southern continent much faster than expected. However, the drug begins to wear off, the lethargic aftereffects sending the Dragon and his riders into in a careening swan dive. Dilista uses Dimension Door to escape the brunt of the fall, but watches as Kanopus, Hawk, and Grimsby all crash into the sea.

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  • ATK1734

    It is truly amazing how similar minds act when in a desperate situation.

    Realizing that the Dragonborn Captain has gone to the Mansion after Dilista, Fenrir clicks his Boots of Dimension Door and goes to her aid. However, a second door opens moments later, and a bloodied and battered Dilista falls through. As Hawk healed her (and himself from the tussle in the bar), Dilista paid the Barkeep a lavish 20 Platinum for the damages from the fight.

    From the shadows of the wreckage emerges Grimsby, the Halfling Rogue and self-proclaimed businessman, who approaches the party after watching interestedly at the Tiefling Bard’s generosity. However, the Barkeep warns the two members of Brazen Storm to leave town as soon as possible, being warned that the…

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  • ATK1734

    Just when they thought they were safe, the storm begins to brew. As the party readied to rest and celebrate their success from the Underdark, the members of Brazen Storm are startled to find their old acquaintance: The Elder Dragon, Vorrazeal awaiting them. While he congratulated them on their success, the questioned them on why a Primordial Titan was now being born.

    To their horror, the party found a large, ominous storm cloud forming over the ruins of the Crystal Cave, leading them to believe that their new enemy (Jericho) was now heading directly towards them. As the party readied to flee immediately, Vorrazeal decided to remain behind to protect the city and people of Whitestone, ominously saying his final farewell. However, before parti…

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  • Aaron Larsen

    Icon Update

    March 4, 2019 by Aaron Larsen

    Icon Update

    So not so long ago, one of my fellow wiki editors (Eebit) suggested that we eliminate the “thumbnail” box around the icons, and another (Hemhem) at first agreed, but then thought it looked better with them in.  I could see the dilemma, I think.  With the boxes there’s kind of a break in continuity within the info boxes, but without them the text gets smashed right up against the image too tightly.  I think I’ve found a way to get the best of both worlds.  Through a process of trial an error, I’ve figured out (as best I can tell, anyway) the exact color shade of the background of our info boxes (I got an R/G/B of 139/141/149) and started adding a 3-4 pixel wide “buffer” or “spacer” on the latest icons, so that the text no longer …

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  • ATK1734

    Reality is a fickle thing; to those powerful enough, they can bend it to their will on a mere whim. So too could Brazen Storm’s newest foe. Now to rewind the clock several moments to reveal the truth.

    Hawk witnessed his friends fall under the Sapphire Dragon’s spell, watching in terror as a third eye opened on the Dragon’s head and its hypnotic gaze entrancing all under it (save for himself). As the Dragon took back his sacrifice, Hawk stepped from the safety of invisibility, revealing himself to the dragon as he attempted to blind the dragon with magic. After a futile attempt, the dragon discovering that Fenrir’s daughter to be a Drow priestess in disguise, a terrified Hawk could hear his Werewolf comrade stirring behind him and shifted gea…

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  • Aaron Larsen

    So one day I’m trying to picture what a Crownsguard might look like, and I remember the note in the trivia section that Matt pictured them as resembling “Late Byzantine” soldiers… So I google “Late Byzantine soldiers" and nothing seemed like it was connecting until I came to this one image. It just seems to fit somehow, except no greaves or crossbow, and he’s wearing the wrong kind of armor (some sort of gambeson instead of scale, I think.)  I think “not only is that kind of close to what I’m picturing-- that is simple enough that I might be able to reproduce it with some sort of scale-mail.  (OK, technically just “scale” as mail actually means chain armor, but we’re talking D&D categories here, no need to get real-world technical…)  As to …

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  • ATK1734

    As morning came, Hawk found himself awoken by Kanopus, still disguised as a crow, pecking at his head. The polymorphed creature revealed to his master of a stranger outside the Mansion. Curious, Hawk goes to investigate and meets the Elven Monk: Spindeep, who is trapped in a tree, petrified of the height. Hawk rescues the elderly monk and brings him back to the Mansion (though not before attempting a little fun with him by blindfolding and leading him there, with him and Kanopus giving conflicting directions).

    Welcomed into their home, Spindeep proves himself a courteous house guest, though the party receives him rather cautiously. While perusing Fenrir’s library, to attempt to learn Draconic, Spindeep grows suspicious of Kanopus, correctly…

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  • ATK1734

    After some time to further improve the fortress and themselves, Fenrir happily wandered the Town of Byroden. However, he stumbled across a scene of devastation and horror as a ghostly, demonic knight strode through the town, causing everything he passed to erupt in flames. Before the werewolf could properly react, the denizen of the abyss turned his attention towards him.

    Fenrir fled back to the Mansion, followed in close pursuit by the demon, and rallied his comrades; Hawk, not believing the seriousness of the situation, attempted to mock their attacker but found himself on the brunt end of a sword and paralyzed from lightning. Dilista’s great arcane knowledge informed the party that the demon is a creature called a: Balor (or Prince of the…

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  • ATK1734

    Another blow has hit our intrepid adventurers with the departure of their Gnome Artificer; in need of time to recover from her ordeal Luna left the group, but a promise of her return shines brightly upon the surviving groups hearts.

    However, the group continues forward with their preparations to return to Byroden; Hawk taking Fenrir to the local Enchanter – an odd, blue-haired man named Fran. With several wise investments of his new fortune, Fenrir left his Magically Shrinking Fortress with the enchanter, with promises of great improvements to it.

    While preparing for their journey, Hawk challenged his Werewolf companion to a friendly challenge: whoever hunts the biggest catch will get to command the loser to do one thing, no matter how humilia…

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  • ATK1734

    Hathonier's Letter

    January 24, 2019 by ATK1734

    To those who survive,

    I do not know what to write you in these, what could be, our final hours together. In the Brazen Storm of our usual standard, I find myself once again Ill-Prepared to face what lays before us. However, if you are likely reading this…it must mean that I have fallen against our foe. Though I hope I am the only casualty, if any of you were to perish, I would be remiss to leave anything unsaid between us. It is important to me that this letter convey to you the feelings that I simply couldn’t express to you in person.

    To Fenrir: My first impression of you: was that you were a buffoon. Loud and brash, favoring the route of the bloody to the way of the wise. However, I do note a striking similarity between us. I do not fully …

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  • ATK1734

    Like the current of a river, Time moves on; so too do our intrepid adventurers.

    After a night of tallying treasure and raucous debauchery, Fenrir and Dilista meet up to discuss their next move (allowing Luna to rest and recover). While talking to Tikki and Crokon, the Crocodilian gave the two a letter (found by Glavios) written by Hathonier. After some time to grieve the loss of their late, Paladin friend, the two were unceremoniously met by a wily trickster:

    Enter, Eyrie of the Hawk: a Tabaxi Rogue/Cleric with a love of teas, ale, and the thrill of the hunt.

    While the Tiefling seductress made a steady greeting with the Tabaxi, Fenrir did not; the two instinctually clashing with each other, mostly the Werewolf disliking and distrusting the Ta…

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  • ATK1734

    The treachery of the ruins has made its first mark on our group of Adventurers.

    As they enter into Fenrir’s Fortress to rest, weakened from their battle against the Undead Green Dragon, Basc left to scout the ruins but returned to report that he has found a body within the cathedral: Cadmus’ body, impaled upon by all too familiar quills.

    Having found a library in his scouting, the Ranger departs again to search for additional information while Hathonier peruses the Draconomicon again.

    He reads of the ancient history of the Dragonborn, how their precursors (known as The Dragon Apostles) were born from Cursed Dragon eggs during the fall of the Dragon Empire, nearly wiping them out. However, Hathonier stumbles across a name, a name so ancient and …

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  • ATK1734

    Things look bleak for our four, intrepid Adventurers.

    As Fenrir recovered from his injuries, to learn of all that his comrades have learned from Hathonier’s Draconomicon, he joined the party in time to learn their newest reality: that the elders of Settlement 19 would order Luna’s execution or banishment from the continent should her insanity progress any further. To counter this, Hathonier offered another prayer to the Storm Lord, who bestowed his blessing onto the Gnome, halting the progression of her transformation…but for how long, remains an ominous question in their minds.

    Seeing no alternative than to deal with the problem at the source, the Party decided that it was time, at last, to venture forth to the Lair of Raishan.

    Taking time t…

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  • ATK1734

    The following morning, our band of Stalwart Adventurers awoke to find their Demi-God friend in bad shape. Upon inspecting his wounds, Fenrir came to realize that they were not poisoned, but cursed. Realizing the danger that would come should Glavios succumb to the curse, the party decided to separate: Fenrir and Hathonier remaining to look after Glavios whilst Luna and Dilista road to a nearby town to find help.

    While searching for a healer, the party encountered Crokon, the Crocodilian Moon Druid who informed them that they are in fact familiar with the curse afflicting Glavios. However, he also revealed that they had yet to find a cure and could only help by destroying the afflicted head. Shocked by the party’s story of Glavios’ infection an…

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  • ATK1734

    Picking back up from the previous session, our intrepid group of Adventurer’s remained trapped within Fenrir’s Magically Shrinking Fortress by the Rathalos. Utilizing Fenrir’s experiment and Dilista’s illusory magic to their advantage, they were able to trick the creature into following illusions of themselves, while Fenrir carried them away in his shrunken fortress, successfully escaping the creature.

    After an afternoon of hilarity and hi-jinx (involving an enchanted Dilista, a naked Hathonier, and a werewolf Fenrir), the party made their way to the nearest town, ready for a night of food, drinking, and rest.

    However, upon approaching the town’s adamantine gate: the party encountered a strange sight. So early in the evening, a town that shoul…

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  • Aaron Larsen

    Ship Name Conventions

    December 30, 2018 by Aaron Larsen

    After seeing an edit summary that confused me a little at first, it occurred to me that the conventions for typing ship names is actually a rather obscure and specialized subject and that, since ships have become an increasingly common item in Campaign 2, that it ought to be looked into. I accordingly found an excellent summary article on the following website:

    To summarize its points:

    A. There are 4 different options for distinguishing ship names from other types of proper names. (Italics, option 1.iii, seems to be our preferred method, and I think it's the right choice.)

    B. Only use the definite article (the) if its in the actual name, as in if it's part of what's actuall…

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  • Hemhem20X6

    Renumbering tasks

    December 28, 2018 by Hemhem20X6
    • Make all links to Chapter 2 compatible with a move to campaign based-numbering.
    • Create reference list of all current and intended episode numbers.
    • Add "CXEXX" to every episode in Module:Ep/Switcher.
    • Add "1xWYZ" to every Campaign 1 episode in Module:Ep/Switcher.
    • Add commented "2xWYZ" to every Campaign 2 episode in Module:Ep/Switcher.
    • Uncomment "2xWYZ" for Campaign 2 episodes in Module:Ep/Switcher.
    • Change outputs of Module:Ep/Switcher to "1xWYZ" and "2xWYZ."
    • Modify Module:AirdateOrder to avoid breaking it.
    • Modify Module:Ep/YTURLSwitcher to avoid breaking it.
    • Remove "2xYZ" from Chapter 2 episodes in Module:Ep/Switcher.
      • Deal with citation by episode category creation process. (fixed with above)
    • Change Template:Infobox Episode to revamp G&S number.
    • Edit a…
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  • ATK1734

    The following morning, the party decided to stock up on supplies before setting out from Byroden. Hathonier bargained with de Rolo, the Tavern Keeper for Healing Potions, haggling successfully for the prototype potions and the head of a Colossus from the Glass Waters (even learning his origins as an adopted child of Percival and Vex’ahlia); and Luna purchased some navigational equipment, attempting some negotiations of her own…with much less success.

    With their preparations made, and their immediate goal being some town two days away, the party set out towards the south-east.

    Fenrir, flanking his teammates from the trees, spies a large blue, lizard-like creature that he identifies as: a Glavios. However, knowing the creature’s inherent nature, …

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  • ATK1734

    As the party rests from the ambush, Hathonier sights the advancing group of Cadmus’ army: Treants and the plant zombies of Queen Alanis' court. Awakening his companions, the adventurers follows the war party until sunrise, where the advancing army vanishes, leaving Cadmus alone.

    Following Hathonier’s tactics, the party ambushes the Dragonborn. Cadmus is revealed to be immune to physical attacks but weak to magical ones, but it isn’t until Fenrir’s transformation into his Werewolf form that Cadmus is revealed to be a Vampire. The party defeats their adversary, but he escapes back to his coffin to regenerate.

    One of the Treants approaches Hathonier and (translated by Dilista using Comprehend Languages) reveals himself to be Hayanth, Hathonier’s …

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  • ATK1734

    Session 2:
    Having returned to town, Fenrir engages in a friendly romp with Tommy (in contest for his magical fortress); however, a keen eyed Dilista and Luna discover that Tommy is merely a disguise…for Cadmus! Hathonier is able to shoot the Dragonborn with an arrow and Fenrir able to wrench away his bag, but the party fails to prevent him from escaping.

    Rifling through his things (Fenrir taking ownership of Cadmus’ Magically Shrinking Fortress), they find a handwritten letter to Cadmus, however, the letter is written in Abyssal, which none of the party understand.

    The party decide to visit some Temples for answers; first visiting the Temple of Sarenrae, where Luna learns that the crystal she touched was, in fact, a sacrificial altar that st…

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  • Aaron Larsen

    So, as I contemplated using the older Tiamat icon for either the Cult of the Caustic Heart or the Chroma Conclave, it quickly became clear to me that it should be used for the former. It is, after all, a recognized alternative symbol for Tiamat and the Cult of the Caustic Heart are worshippers of Tiamat, so it’s a perfect fit. So then I thought about what a perfect Chroma Conclave symbol would be and the answer soon came to me: a five-pointed star with each point being a different color and containing an initial of one of its five principle members. That initial ought to be in draconic, of course, so this is what I came up with: The initial that I used for Thordak was a merging of the “T” and “H” runes. Clearly, the Draconic alphabet n…

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  • ATK1734

    150 years following the legendary Adventures of Vox Machina, a new group of adventurers, each on their own respective quests and journeys, have banded together for the first time. They are: Dilista, the seductive Tiefling Bard; Fenrir, the Werewolf Barbarian; Hathonier, the Half-Elf Paladin on a quest for vengeance; and Luna, a Gnome Artificer with a love of archeology and treasure.

    Their journey begins at a Tavern in the town of Byroden, Luna having procured a guide in search of nearby ruins. The group learns that children of the town have been going missing for several months, but Hathonier scours the notice board and finds a wanted poster of a Red Dragonborn; the first of his targets: Piece of the Board, Cadmus - the Black Knight. Dilista…

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  • ATK1734

    A Prelude to Adventure

    December 15, 2018 by ATK1734

    Earlier today, another user was reading over my blog post (entitled: "The case of: Hawk") and became very interested not only in his tale, but that of his entire adventuring group; that is to say, the D&D group that I play with to help tell this story. He said that if we had written those stories down, to let him know because he would be interested in reading them. A very kind and flattering remark, I unfortunately had to reply to him that I had asked my group before and (given that we still didn't know each other very well) they had asked me not to post them. And out of respect to the group, I have refrained from doing so.

    Over the course of these past few months, our campaign has gone on a slight haitus due to work schedules (c'est la vie…

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  • Aaron Larsen

    So the other day I took another look at the official, CG symbol for Tiamat and thought, "Hmm., maybe that wouldn't be as hard as I thought it might be to make into an icon..." So I took another look and started experimenting with it and got something that looked like it'd work, all except for that what, writing (?) runes (?) glyphs (?) around the edges. And I thought: maybe that's Draconic Script. So I pulled out my hand-dandy Draconic Alphabet translator...

    ... Only to discover that as best I can figure the official Tiamat Symbol is wrapped with some (very attractive) meaningless gibberish. So I modified my Icon to have an inscription in actual Draconic letters:

    It says "Tiamat" across the top (of course) and "Skaild" going from the left to…

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  • Hemhem20X6

    Chapter 2 links

    December 10, 2018 by Hemhem20X6
    • Keyleth
    • Pike Trickfoot
    • Grog Strongjaw
    • Percival de Rolo
    • Vax'ildan
    • Vex'ahlia
    • Scanlan Shorthalt
    • Tiberius Stormwind
    • Character Appearances
    • Vox Machina
    • Enter Vasselheim
    • Trial of the Take: Part 3
    • Trial of the Take: Part 2
    • Hubris
    • Travis Willingham
    • Bag of Holding
    • Zahra Hydris
    • Lyra
    • Carpet of Flying
    • Mary Elizabeth McGlynn
    • Felicia Day
    • Ashari
    • Briarwoods
    • Trial of the Take: Part 1
    • Rimefang
    • Braving Grounds District
    • Material Plane
    • Vanessa Cyndrial
    • Thorbir Falbek
    • Kashaw Vesh
    • Forscythia
    • The Matron of Ravens
    • Hotis
    • Vince Seanor
    • The Velvet Cabaret
    • Rakshasa
    • Murtin Cyndrial
    • Kevdak
    • Trial of the Take: Part 4
    • Aramente to Pyrah
    • The Rematch
    • The Feast
    • The Crucible
    • Siren
    • Slayer's Take
    • Dread Emperor
    • Lockheed
    • Osysa
    • Aldor
    • Astral Plane
    • Victor
    • Delilah Briarwood
    • Kern
    • Template:Nav-Chapter2
    • Template:Slayer's Take
    • Ziggurat
    • Chapter 2
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  • Aaron Larsen

    Icon Overview

    December 3, 2018 by Aaron Larsen

    I've been meaning to put up a blog post giving kind of an overview of what I'm trying to accomplish with them. The key challenge is to get convey idea of the deity/ faction/ city in as few pixels as possible while still maintaining recognizable themes. I used the symbols from the Campaign Guide (CG) as much as possible. In fact, with the first 12 factions it was relatively straightforward. The Deities were a bit of a challenge, as some of the symbols from the CG were not AT ALL conducive to reducing to pixel-based icons, but fortunately each one had an alternative symbol already listed on the wikia (e.g., the Wildmother's sea shell and Ioun's crook-and-eye) that worked MUCH better. Then I got to the cities. For the cities I created a "them…

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  • Eebit

    Community Discord?

    November 13, 2018 by Eebit

    Hey CR Wiki community!

    I was talking to Dexcuracy the other day, and he suggested the idea of creating a Discord server for all of us wiki-editing Critters to congregate. I think that's a really good idea since it's sometimes hard to communicate using the limited tools that Fandom / wikis in general provide. Plus, I think it would be nice to get a chance to get to know some of my fellow Critters! I know that I personally have found it a little daunting to jump into the conversation in the main Critical Role server, but I imagine that the subset of the community that is actively growing/maintaining this wiki is a little smaller.

    If you'd be interested in joining a CR wiki Discord server, let me know! I'm just gauging interest for now but if a…

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  • Aaron Larsen

    I've run across a few things in cross-comparing info on this Wikia with other sources that seem like they need corrected, but they're big enough changes that I hesitate to make such changes without some sort of consensus:

    1. Westruun: There are a number of issues, here, most probably owing their origin to the fact that much of this article derives from an old article from a different Wikia that, though it is by Matt, would appear to be obsolete, as they conflict with the Campaign Guide (CG).

    a. The "Court of Avandra": the article indicates that some sort of dual-purpose temple/ law court in the temple district is the primary "Hall of Justice," whereas the CG not only doesn't mention it, but it names a completely different building, in the Op…

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  • Aaron Larsen

    As my admittedly amateurish attempts at map-making have continued to evolve (some might say mutate) I thought it might be time for a bit of an update.

    1. The Menagerie Coast! First, and most excitingly, we've now been given considerably more information on the Menagerie Coast, including a new Devan Rue Map, upon which I've based my own latest revisions. Note, though, that in several areas of her map I find the font deucedly difficult to decipher (at least given the screen captures and online photos I've been able to find so far.) I have thus reconstructed the names of several islands and reefs as best I can and even left off completely the name of a forest or two on the far left side of the map (which are unlikely to come up in the campaign…

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  • Aaron Larsen

    Hobgoblin Heraldry

    September 17, 2018 by Aaron Larsen

    Aaron Larsen wrote: This is a fanart concept based on the names and titles listed for the other Hobgoblin city-states, which each suggest fairly obvious visual imagery:

    Ortem-Vellak, The Petrified Elventree, Hdar-Fye, Necropolis of Prince Hdar, Rybad-Kol, the Forge-Lords, Ezordam-Haar, Eyrie of the Red Pegasi

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