• ATK1734

    The treachery of the ruins has made its first mark on our group of Adventurers.

    As they enter into Fenrir’s Fortress to rest, weakened from their battle against the Undead Green Dragon, Basc left to scout the ruins but returned to report that he has found a body within the cathedral: Cadmus’ body, impaled upon by all too familiar quills.

    Having found a library in his scouting, the Ranger departs again to search for additional information while Hathonier peruses the Draconomicon again.

    He reads of the ancient history of the Dragonborn, how their precursors (known as The Dragon Apostles) were born from Cursed Dragon eggs during the fall of the Dragon Empire, nearly wiping them out. However, Hathonier stumbles across a name, a name so ancient and …

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  • ATK1734

    Things look bleak for our four, intrepid Adventurers.

    As Fenrir recovered from his injuries, to learn of all that his comrades have learned from Hathonier’s Draconomicon, he joined the party in time to learn their newest reality: that the elders of Settlement 19 would order Luna’s execution or banishment from the continent should her insanity progress any further. To counter this, Hathonier offered another prayer to the Storm Lord, who bestowed his blessing onto the Gnome, halting the progression of her transformation…but for how long, remains an ominous question in their minds.

    Seeing no alternative than to deal with the problem at the source, the Party decided that it was time, at last, to venture forth to the Lair of Raishan.

    Taking time t…

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  • ATK1734

    The following morning, our band of Stalwart Adventurers awoke to find their Demi-God friend in bad shape. Upon inspecting his wounds, Fenrir came to realize that they were not poisoned, but cursed. Realizing the danger that would come should Glavios succumb to the curse, the party decided to separate: Fenrir and Hathonier remaining to look after Glavios whilst Luna and Dilista road to a nearby town to find help.

    While searching for a healer, the party encountered Crokon, the Crocodilian Moon Druid who informed them that they are in fact familiar with the curse afflicting Glavios. However, he also revealed that they had yet to find a cure and could only help by destroying the afflicted head. Shocked by the party’s story of Glavios’ infection an…

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  • ATK1734

    Picking back up from the previous session, our intrepid group of Adventurer’s remained trapped within Fenrir’s Magically Shrinking Fortress by the Rathalos. Utilizing Fenrir’s experiment and Dilista’s illusory magic to their advantage, they were able to trick the creature into following illusions of themselves, while Fenrir carried them away in his shrunken fortress, successfully escaping the creature.

    After an afternoon of hilarity and hi-jinx (involving an enchanted Dilista, a naked Hathonier, and a werewolf Fenrir), the party made their way to the nearest town, ready for a night of food, drinking, and rest.

    However, upon approaching the town’s adamantine gate: the party encountered a strange sight. So early in the evening, a town that shoul…

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  • Aaron Larsen

    Ship Name Conventions

    December 30, 2018 by Aaron Larsen

    After seeing an edit summary that confused me a little at first, it occurred to me that the conventions for typing ship names is actually a rather obscure and specialized subject and that, since ships have become an increasingly common item in Campaign 2, that it ought to be looked into. I accordingly found an excellent summary article on the following website:

    To summarize its points:

    A. There are 4 different options for distinguishing ship names from other types of proper names. (Italics, option 1.iii, seems to be our preferred method, and I think it's the right choice.)

    B. Only use the definite article (the) if its in the actual name, as in if it's part of what's actua…

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  • Hemhem20X6

    Renumbering tasks

    December 28, 2018 by Hemhem20X6
    • Make all links to Chapter 2 compatible with a move to campaign based-numbering.
    • Create reference list of all current and intended episode numbers.
    • Add "CXEXX" to every episode in Module:Ep/Switcher.
    • Add "1xWYZ" to every Campaign 1 episode in Module:Ep/Switcher.
    • Add commented "2xWYZ" to every Campaign 2 episode in Module:Ep/Switcher.
    • Uncomment "2xWYZ" for Campaign 2 episodes in Module:Ep/Switcher.
    • Change outputs of Module:Ep/Switcher to "1xWYZ" and "2xWYZ."
    • Modify Module:AirdateOrder to avoid breaking it.
    • Modify Module:Ep/YTURLSwitcher to avoid breaking it.
    • Remove "2xYZ" from Chapter 2 episodes in Module:Ep/Switcher.
      • Deal with citation by episode category creation process. (fixed with above)
    • Change Template:Infobox Episode to revamp G&S number.
    • Edit a…
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  • ATK1734

    The following morning, the party decided to stock up on supplies before setting out from Byroden. Hathonier bargained with de Rolo, the Tavern Keeper for Healing Potions, haggling successfully for the prototype potions and the head of a Colossus from the Glass Waters (even learning his origins as an adopted child of Percival and Vex’ahlia); and Luna purchased some navigational equipment, attempting some negotiations of her own…with much less success.

    With their preparations made, and their immediate goal being some town two days away, the party set out towards the south-east.

    Fenrir, flanking his teammates from the trees, spies a large blue, lizard-like creature that he identifies as: a Glavios. However, knowing the creature’s inherent nature, …

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  • ATK1734

    As the party rests from the ambush, Hathonier sights the advancing group of Cadmus’ army: Treants and the plant zombies of Queen Alanis' court. Awakening his companions, the adventurers follows the war party until sunrise, where the advancing army vanishes, leaving Cadmus alone.

    Following Hathonier’s tactics, the party ambushes the Dragonborn. Cadmus is revealed to be immune to physical attacks but weak to magical ones, but it isn’t until Fenrir’s transformation into his Werewolf form that Cadmus is revealed to be a Vampire. The party defeats their adversary, but he escapes back to his coffin to regenerate.

    One of the Treants approaches Hathonier and (translated by Dilista using Comprehend Languages) reveals himself to be Hayanth, Hathonier’s …

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  • ATK1734

    Session 2:
    Having returned to town, Fenrir engages in a friendly romp with Tommy (in contest for his magical fortress); however, a keen eyed Dilista and Luna discover that Tommy is merely a disguise…for Cadmus! Hathonier is able to shoot the Dragonborn with an arrow and Fenrir able to wrench away his bag, but the party fails to prevent him from escaping.

    Rifling through his things (Fenrir taking ownership of Cadmus’ Magically Shrinking Fortress), they find a handwritten letter to Cadmus, however, the letter is written in Abyssal, which none of the party understand.

    The party decide to visit some Temples for answers; first visiting the Temple of Sarenrae, where Luna learns that the crystal she touched was, in fact, a sacrificial altar that st…

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  • Aaron Larsen

    So, as I contemplated using the older Tiamat icon for either the Cult of the Caustic Heart or the Chroma Conclave, it quickly became clear to me that it should be used for the former. It is, after all, a recognized alternative symbol for Tiamat and the Cult of the Caustic Heart are worshippers of Tiamat, so it’s a perfect fit. So then I thought about what a perfect Chroma Conclave symbol would be and the answer soon came to me: a five-pointed star with each point being a different color and containing an initial of one of its five principle members. That initial ought to be in draconic, of course, so this is what I came up with: The initial that I used for Thordak was a merging of the “T” and “H” runes. Clearly, the Draconic alphabet n…

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  • ATK1734

    150 years following the legendary Adventures of Vox Machina, a new group of adventurers, each on their own respective quests and journeys, have banded together for the first time. They are: Dilista, the seductive Tiefling Bard; Fenrir, the Werewolf Barbarian; Hathonier, the Half-Elf Paladin on a quest for vengeance; and Luna, a Gnome Artificer with a love of archeology and treasure.

    Their journey begins at a Tavern in the town of Byroden, Luna having procured a guide in search of nearby ruins. The group learns that children of the town have been going missing for several months, but Hathonier scours the notice board and finds a wanted poster of a Red Dragonborn; the first of his targets: Piece of the Board, Cadmus - the Black Knight. Dilista…

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  • ATK1734

    A Prelude to Adventure

    December 15, 2018 by ATK1734

    Earlier today, another user was reading over my blog post (entitled: "The case of: Hawk") and became very interested not only in his tale, but that of his entire adventuring group; that is to say, the D&D group that I play with to help tell this story. He said that if we had written those stories down, to let him know because he would be interested in reading them. A very kind and flattering remark, I unfortunately had to reply to him that I had asked my group before and (given that we still didn't know each other very well) they had asked me not to post them. And out of respect to the group, I have refrained from doing so.

    Over the course of these past few months, our campaign has gone on a slight haitus due to work schedules (c'est la vie…

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  • Aaron Larsen

    So the other day I took another look at the official, CG symbol for Tiamat and thought, "Hmm., maybe that wouldn't be as hard as I thought it might be to make into an icon..." So I took another look and started experimenting with it and got something that looked like it'd work, all except for that what, writing (?) runes (?) glyphs (?) around the edges. And I thought: maybe that's Draconic Script. So I pulled out my hand-dandy Draconic Alphabet translator...

    ... Only to discover that as best I can figure the official Tiamat Symbol is wrapped with some (very attractive) meaningless gibberish. So I modified my Icon to have an inscription in actual Draconic letters:

    It says "Tiamat" across the top (of course) and "Skaild" going from the left to…

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  • Hemhem20X6

    Chapter 2 links

    December 10, 2018 by Hemhem20X6
    • Keyleth
    • Pike Trickfoot
    • Grog Strongjaw
    • Percival de Rolo
    • Vax'ildan
    • Vex'ahlia
    • Scanlan Shorthalt
    • Tiberius Stormwind
    • Character Appearances
    • Vox Machina
    • Enter Vasselheim
    • Trial of the Take: Part 3
    • Trial of the Take: Part 2
    • Hubris
    • Travis Willingham
    • Bag of Holding
    • Zahra Hydris
    • Lyra
    • Carpet of Flying
    • Mary Elizabeth McGlynn
    • Felicia Day
    • Ashari
    • Briarwoods
    • Trial of the Take: Part 1
    • Rimefang
    • Braving Grounds District
    • Material Plane
    • Vanessa Cyndrial
    • Thorbir Falbek
    • Kashaw Vesh
    • Forscythia
    • The Matron of Ravens
    • Hotis
    • Vince Seanor
    • The Velvet Cabaret
    • Rakshasa
    • Murtin Cyndrial
    • Kevdak
    • Trial of the Take: Part 4
    • Aramente to Pyrah
    • The Rematch
    • The Feast
    • The Crucible
    • Siren
    • Slayer's Take
    • Dread Emperor
    • Lockheed
    • Osysa
    • Aldor
    • Astral Plane
    • Victor
    • Delilah Briarwood
    • Kern
    • Template:Nav-Chapter2
    • Template:Slayer's Take
    • Ziggurat
    • Chapter 2
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  • Aaron Larsen

    Icon Overview

    December 3, 2018 by Aaron Larsen

    I've been meaning to put up a blog post giving kind of an overview of what I'm trying to accomplish with them. The key challenge is to get convey idea of the deity/ faction/ city in as few pixels as possible while still maintaining recognizable themes. I used the symbols from the Campaign Guide (CG) as much as possible. In fact, with the first 12 factions it was relatively straightforward. The Deities were a bit of a challenge, as some of the symbols from the CG were not AT ALL conducive to reducing to pixel-based icons, but fortunately each one had an alternative symbol already listed on the wikia (e.g., the Wildmother's sea shell and Ioun's crook-and-eye) that worked MUCH better. Then I got to the cities. For the cities I created a "them…

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  • Eebit

    Community Discord?

    November 13, 2018 by Eebit

    Hey CR Wiki community!

    I was talking to Dexcuracy the other day, and he suggested the idea of creating a Discord server for all of us wiki-editing Critters to congregate. I think that's a really good idea since it's sometimes hard to communicate using the limited tools that Fandom / wikis in general provide. Plus, I think it would be nice to get a chance to get to know some of my fellow Critters! I know that I personally have found it a little daunting to jump into the conversation in the main Critical Role server, but I imagine that the subset of the community that is actively growing/maintaining this wiki is a little smaller.

    If you'd be interested in joining a CR wiki Discord server, let me know! I'm just gauging interest for now but if a…

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  • Aaron Larsen

    I've run across a few things in cross-comparing info on this Wikia with other sources that seem like they need corrected, but they're big enough changes that I hesitate to make such changes without some sort of consensus:

    1. Westruun: There are a number of issues, here, most probably owing their origin to the fact that much of this article derives from an old article from a different Wikia that, though it is by Matt, would appear to be obsolete, as they conflict with the Campaign Guide (CG).

    a. The "Court of Avandra": the article indicates that some sort of dual-purpose temple/ law court in the temple district is the primary "Hall of Justice," whereas the CG not only doesn't mention it, but it names a completely different building, in the Op…

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  • Aaron Larsen

    As my admittedly amateurish attempts at map-making have continued to evolve (some might say mutate) I thought it might be time for a bit of an update.

    1. The Menagerie Coast! First, and most excitingly, we've now been given considerably more information on the Menagerie Coast, including a new Devan Rue Map, upon which I've based my own latest revisions. Note, though, that in several areas of her map I find the font deucedly difficult to decipher (at least given the screen captures and online photos I've been able to find so far.) I have thus reconstructed the names of several islands and reefs as best I can and even left off completely the name of a forest or two on the far left side of the map (which are unlikely to come up in the campaign…

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  • Aaron Larsen

    Hobgoblin Heraldry

    September 17, 2018 by Aaron Larsen

    Aaron Larsen wrote: This is a fanart concept based on the names and titles listed for the other Hobgoblin city-states, which each suggest fairly obvious visual imagery:

    Ortem-Vellak, The Petrified Elventree, Hdar-Fye, Necropolis of Prince Hdar, Rybad-Kol, the Forge-Lords, Ezordam-Haar, Eyrie of the Red Pegasi

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  • Lukaluri

    Changing Templates.

    September 15, 2018 by Lukaluri

    Someone has been changing templates on lot of pages like Beauregard page and few others that i have already changed back. So whoever's doing it please stop, template order is universal for all pages to make changing information simple and some parts might not have information now but we don't know when we will get that information. So again please stop changing the template order and if you find some page that has a template not consistent with rest of the wiki please fix it or link it on my wall. Thanks.

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  • ATK1734

    The case of: Hengist

    September 14, 2018 by ATK1734

    Name: Hengist Race: Goliath Class: Barbarian/Monk STR: 19(4) DEX: 15(2) CON: 17(3) INT: 6(-1) WIS: 10(0) CHA: 13(1)

    “Right, now sit’own and shaddup…it’s time you ‘eard the story of Hengist!

    Having wandered away from his herd when he was still a calf, the young Goliath was discovered by a group of men who sought to capture and sell the boy. Enroute to their destination, the group was set upon by a pack of wolves, which slaughtered the slave traders but Hengist stopped with his bare hands.

    The next morning, the grisly scene was discovered upon by a wandering Monk who took pity on the boy and brought him back to his monastery. There, Hengist remained for the next twenty years, studying under the monks and becoming even stronger. However, their m…

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  • ATK1734

    The case of: Hawk

    September 13, 2018 by ATK1734

    Name: Hawk
    Race: Tabaxi
    Class: Rogue/Cleric
    STR: 15(2)
    DEX: 17(3)
    CON: 14(2)
    INT: 16(3)
    WIS: 20(5)
    CHA: 15(2)

    "In Tabaxi lore, it is said that a Tabaxi's name has some prophetic connection to their futures. So too was the naming of one whose mother bore a strange vision of a Hawk's Eyrie, and thus named the first of her litter: Eyrie of the Hawk.

    Living in poverty in the city of Emon, Hawk stole from the nobility to feed his family. Though he had learned to steal and even kill to provide for them, he never lost his kind, fun-loving heart...nor the burning curiousity behind the meaning of his name.

    Lamenting his family's impoverished lifestyle and wishing they could live like the nobility, Hawk joined several other poor families to disguisedly join hi…

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  • ATK1734

    The case of: Hathonier

    September 13, 2018 by ATK1734

    Name: Hathonier
    Race: Half-Elf
    Class: Paladin, Oath of Vengenace 
    STR: 16(3)
    DEX: 15(2)
    CON: 14(2)
    INT: 14(2)
    WIS: 14(2)
    CHA: 16(3)

    “Let me tell you the tale, of Hathonier, a Paladin in service to the Storm Lord.

    The son of a human father and elven mother, the young half-elf was soon orphaned when his parents vanished. He was since raised in an orphanage on the outskirts of Vasselhiem. Although being half human afforded him the ability to pass amongst others, his being half Elf, kept him distant from the others…making friendships difficult.

    When Hathonier turned ten, he discovered a strange black mark on his arm, that of a castle turret. The mark granted him strange new powers, but the cruel older children at the orphanage tormented him for his abili…

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  • Aaron Larsen

    When I set out to make a comprehensive-as-possible map of Exandria, I ran into 2 problems immediately:

    a. Regarding the continent of Wildemount, the overall map of Exandria and Devon Rue's official map of the Dwendalian Empire just didn't seem to mesh in terms of proportions.

    b. There was just not enough information regarding the Continents of Marquet and Issylra to be sure of my placement of key cities and other sites within the larger landmasses (though I could make some good guesses...)

    I decided to deal with the latter problem for the present by simply cutting off those portions of the map (for now) and just making a detailed one of "Northeastern Exandria." The former problem was a bit stickier. You see, no matter how I tried to configure…

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  • ATK1734

    The case of: Hayanth

    September 11, 2018 by ATK1734

    “My name is Hayanth, a Cleric of the Merfolk, I am 15 years old; and this is my story. Four years after my birth, my father abandoned my mother and myself to fight in a war that was not his; and so, my mother began to train me in the ways of the magic arts. However, everything changed on my tenth year of life. I was born with too great of a magical potential and, unknowingly, I unleashed my latent power and I destroyed my home town in a great flash, killing all that I held dear. I ran from my destroyed home and crossed the seas to find my father; I searched all over but I never found him. I was found by a Goliath called Omnirok who took me as his weapon and slave, using me to kill anyone he desired for the sheer entertainment of it.

    Two yea…

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  • Eebit

    Past vs. Present Tense

    September 11, 2018 by Eebit

    Based on this edit to the Kamordah page and this edit to the Hupperdook page by Abelhawk, I figured we (the active editors of the wiki) should probably have a discussion about how we're going to tackle writing articles going forward, so we're not tripping over each other any more.

    There has been sparse discussion about it in various isolated pockets on the wiki already, but given that blog posts are much more visible than the Discussion board (given that blogs appear on the front page and also the Special:RecentChanges page and Discussion board posts do not), I thought I would make this blog post to collect the discussions that I've seen and increase their visibility.

    Here are threads that I've seen discussing the various approaches:

    • This thre…

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  • ATK1734

    How D&D changed my life

    September 11, 2018 by ATK1734

    When thinking about what my inagural blog post would be, I find myself back in my college senior days: looking at the thing as an essay/journal entry to express thought and opinion. So, I present possibly the dorkiest titled post that could have easily have been created by any grade school nitwit. Though the title of this blog post may sound a tad overdramatic, I find that it truly encapsulates how I feel about this game.

    Game...truly mindboggling to remember that such epic tales and adventures can be weaved over several periods of 3-4 hours a night by playing a game.

    But nevertheless, Dungeons and Dragons has helped me in ways I could have never imagined.

    I first played when I was a freshman in College; where I came from in rural Virginia of…

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  • EruannoVG

    First Blog

    June 16, 2018 by EruannoVG

    First blog to post, mainly my edits focus on the details and referencing of things. More to come...

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  • Nwegh

    Do they know???

    May 24, 2018 by Nwegh

    Does anybody know if critical role knows about this Wikia and if they even use it.

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  • Wizardofd


    May 9, 2018 by Wizardofd


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  • JasonK

    Chapter 10?

    April 27, 2018 by JasonK

    So we've officially started chapter 10 now? I saw lots of pages were edited to include a chapter 10 but I couldn’t find where the decision was made. Where and how is it even usually decided when a new chapter begins?

    (Also should this question go somewhere else? I’m not sure what the blog is for)

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  • Androgynousweirdo

    Moved to User_blog:Androgynousweirdo/Chapter_Summary_Masterpost

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  • Hemhem20X6

    C2 spellings

    February 6, 2018 by Hemhem20X6

    Just a place for me to compile spellings that have been confirmed, mostly through CR Transcripts, occasionally through the map or Twitter.

    CR Transcript key: Bold: Additional name or additional part of name revealed this episode. ?????: Spelling contradicted within transcript or that contradicts a previous transcript Map key: [?]: Best guess of spelling Letters replaced with question marks: I don't understand what has been written here

    • Places/Political Things
      • Wildemount
      • Menagerie Coast
        • Clovis Concord
      • Cyrios Mountains
      • Wynandir
        • Ashkeeper Peaks
        • Xhorhas
        • Greying Wildlands
        • Dwendalian Empire
          • Zemni Fields
          • Marrow Valley
          • Wuyun Gorge
          • Trostenwald
            • Nestled Nook Inn
            • Hillsbrook Parchment and Binding
            • Hills Ward
            • Loch Ward
          • Ustaloch
          • Amber Road
          • Felderwin
          • Zadash
        • Julous Dominion (defun…

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  • CorvusTheFeatherbrain

    Hello everyone! As you've probably noticed, I've updated the character and episode infobox templates as I mentioned last week. Everything seems okay on my end, but if you encounter any problems or see something that looks strange, please let me know in a comment below and I'll do my best to fix it.

    Also, if any of you want to use the old style of infobox on a personal user page (like I do), they're still available at Template:Infobox Character/Old and Template:Infobox Episode/Old. Just insert the infobox template like you would normally and then add /Old after either "Infobox Character" or "Infobox Episode".

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  • Androgynousweirdo

    Here's the breakdown for episode summaries by chapter. A complete episode, at a minimum, has summaries for parts I and II. Announcements, recap, and inventory, as well as pre-, mid-, and post-stream sections (where applicable) are preferred, but lower priority.

    Summaries don't need to be extremely detailed, so long as a reader can glean the major events of the episode. We have a range of detail on this wiki from abstract, one-paragraph overviews to in-depth, blow-by-blow accounts. While it would be nice to move toward some consistency, I think getting anything on these pages at all is ambitious enough for now.

    Tips for writing summaries: Personally, I aim for a middle ground between detailed and concise: several solid paragraphs, broken up unde…

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  • Androgynousweirdo

    Moved to User_blog:Androgynousweirdo/Chapter_Summary_Masterpost

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  • Androgynousweirdo

    Moved to User_blog:Androgynousweirdo/Chapter_Summary_Masterpost

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  • Androgynousweirdo

    Moved to User_blog:Androgynousweirdo/Chapter_Summary_Masterpost

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  • Androgynousweirdo

    Moved to User_blog:Androgynousweirdo/Chapter_Summary_Masterpost

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  • Androgynousweirdo

    Moved to User_blog:Androgynousweirdo/Chapter_Summary_Masterpost

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  • Androgynousweirdo

    Moved to User_blog:Androgynousweirdo/Chapter_Summary_Masterpost

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  • CorvusTheFeatherbrain

    EDIT 10/14/17: I'm going to try to implement the new infoboxes today. My apologies for any bugs, glitches, or other inconveniences you may run into during this time.

    Hello everyone. I have a quick announcement to make regarding infoboxes. Most people who have used a wiki before at least recognize what an infobox is, so I'm not going to explain that here.

    If you've ever viewed this wiki from a mobile device, you've probably noticed that the infoboxes are...kind of a mess.

    I did my best to make the new infoboxes match the old ones. Hopefully the change isn't too jarring to anyone.

    That being said, there are a few changes to the new infoboxes. Some sections of it can be be collapsed/expanded; the episode appearances section, for one, since those …

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  • Androgynousweirdo

    Moved to User_blog:Androgynousweirdo/Chapter_Summary_Masterpost

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  • Androgynousweirdo

    Moved to User_blog:Androgynousweirdo/Chapter_Summary_Masterpost

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  • CorvusTheFeatherbrain

    Hurricane Irma

    September 10, 2017 by CorvusTheFeatherbrain

    Hello, everyone.

    Within the next 24 hours, my city will receive a direct hit from Hurricane Irma. At first we thought it would pass us by and we'd just get the edges, but the forecast has shifted over the last few days so now it looks like Irma will pass directly over us. At the moment it's still at the tip of Florida, but those of us in the north can already hear the wind howling.

    Irma is currently a Category 4 Hurricane but it will slow down a bit before it gets here, so we're expecting to be hit with winds of 95mph, maybe even up to 110mph. The worst of it will be around midday Monday, but we'll be experiencing hurricane-force winds for about 18 hours, from Sunday night to Monday night. Because my city has a lot of trees and above-ground …

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  • Androgynousweirdo

    I should sleep

    September 5, 2017 by Androgynousweirdo

    I have spent, easily, a full work day on this wiki today. Possibly more. I don't care to do the math. I did almost forget to pick up my roommate from work because I got so engrossed. (That's a lie, I did forget until she texted me. Sorry, K.)

    Anyway, no one had written the pages that I most wanted to read in light of the events of Chapter 8, so I wrote them myself. Bam. Living the cliche. "Be the change" and all. Here they are.

    • History of Exandria
    • The Prime Deities and the Betrayer Gods
    • The Chained Oblivion
    • The Rites of Prime Banishment, covering the creation of the Prime Trammels and the usage of the Tome of Isolation.

    Here's a funny thing I noticed. As I was skimming through the Tal'Dorei Campaign Setting guide, which is my current favorite thin…

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  • Androgynousweirdo

    From somewhere upwards of 450 stub articles (wish I had recorded the exact number!), or about 70% of all pages on the site, we are now down to 269 and only 37% of pages. In addition to that, many of the articles that need work have been marked for cleanup, with notes on what exactly is missing. My hope is that this will encourage new contributors to join in the fray, but we'll see.

    I ended up relaxing the 250-word stub cutoff that I had originally planned on. Of course there were the short but complete articles that I knew to expect, but apart from that, there were also a number of shorter articles that I felt covered the basics and only needed some cleanup. The cutoff for those "cleanup" articles ended up being the more subjective "two sig…

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  • Androgynousweirdo

    The goal was to get below 290 stubs out of 728. Just checked, and we're now sitting at a comfy 284!

    I'm just getting into the V section, so there's still more to be done; I'm guessing we will probably end up right around 250-260 stubs. Then I get to figure out what my next project will be.

    Some things that I know for sure need doing:

    • We need some solid content on the history of Exandria, particularly the Divergence, the Betrayer Gods, and the Divine Gate. That's the kind of background info that, in light of current episodes, people will be looking to brush up on. (At least, I know I am.)
    • We need episode summaries, particularly for the newest episodes.
    • Many, many articles still need work, whether it be timestamp citations or character biographie…
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  • Androgynousweirdo

    Down to 335 stubs!

    September 3, 2017 by Androgynousweirdo

    My target percentage, remember, is 40% stubs or less. With 728 articles on the site, that means I can have 290 stubs left at the end of this audit. Only 45 more to eliminate!

    I've been making great time as I've hit my stride in figuring out what should be a stub, what's complete, and what just needs some cleanup. That said, I'm about to hit the giant block of "Talks Machina" episode summaries. I'm 90% sure that every single one of those is a real stub, so... that might be rough on my numbers.

    Hopefully I've done well enough elsewhere to make up the difference.

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  • Androgynousweirdo

    Under 400 stubs!

    September 2, 2017 by Androgynousweirdo

    Just getting into the "L" section and noticed that we're down to 399 stubs! (We started around 440-ish.)

    My goal is to get from 60% stubs down to about 40%. (Less would be even better, but possibly unrealistic simply because almost all of the 150-odd episode articles count as stubs.) If my math is correct, that means I need to un-stub about 3 in every 10 articles.

    In the last three batches of 10 that I checked, I was able to eliminate six, six, and five stubs, respectively, so that seems more than realistic!

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